Tuesday, September 22, 2015

progress...i'll take it

My original title for this post was "hurry up and wait."
Instead I'm choosing to look at the positive.
But first a little background...
I think I got a bit over ambitious when I thought
 I'd found the carpenter of my dreams.
He installed some custom made bookshelves
and a custom made pull out laundry bin.
Then I gave him a hefty deposit for a custom desk
and a pocket door for our laundry room.
Long story short for the past month
its been one excuse after another.
Until Friday.
Yes hallelujah!!!!
The carpenter arrived and ripped out the old bar area.
He was banging away.
Then I heard him call my name.
I knew something wasn't right by the sound of his voice.
He started with "the good news is..."
and you know its never really good news
but rather what I like to call
"information to soften the blow."
He goes..."the good news is that you have a very well built house.
Also you have real hardwood floors.
The bad news is that now you need a floor guy
to install hard woods underneath where the new desk is going."
My favorite part is when he said "yeah, I didn't think of that
when we were talking about doing this."
Much like the pocket door that cant be done now
because of the way the plumbing in the wall sits.
Because during the month delay
 I cleaned out the cabinet behind said door
and saw that the plumbing
goes to the side rather than the back wall.
That's ok.
Its a first world problem after all.
On the good news front the new chandelier arrived
and I found a great electrician to install it ....
Very well made and you know how I feel about green.
Another step closer to completion happened yesterday when
I received shipping confirmation on a couple of these lovelies...
I know some people may say imperial trellis is over,
that its everywhere,
that its trendy...
I don't care.
I love it to pieces.
{insert big heart emoji here}
I'm considering adding some other favorite pillows too...

Waiting for the trellis to decide.
Baby steps y'all.
Today is all about paint colors for the new office area.
If the floor guy ever shows.
I'm crossing everything I've got for that wish to come true.
Oh...just saw Kate Spade is having a surprise sale.
Be sure and check it out.
Its the perfect time to pick up teacher gifts like this...
And under the title "you can teach a dog new tricks"
check out my new blog header.
Took me two hours and a couple of you tube videos
but I think I like about you?




  1. Love your new header and your attitude of "watch a few videos, do it myself!" I'll be checking in on your decorating advice as I have a big office project coming up! Love your style and my husband wants to go more modern!

    1. you know that I call myself technically challenged but I hate accepting defeat more :) cant wait to see what your big project is! need details please :)

  2. LOVE your new header. You have a great attitude about the "good" news. I'm used to those calls up the stairs that they need to talk to me. By the end of the renovation, I would yell down "She moved." Have a great weekend and I adore your beautiful chandy!

    1. thanks Katie :) i'm trying to keep a stiff upper lip about the whole thing. even when my dishwasher died yesterday. when it rains it pours I guess. could be worse though :)

  3. Ok first, LOVE your new blog header (I had to pay someone to do mine). Next, I am with you on Imperial Trellis. I don't care if it's trendy....I think it's classic and I will always love it....kinda like Jack Rogers and Lilly is SUPER popular right now and I've been wearing them for 20. Next, dying over the club chairs in your pic....are they slip covered? I have a wing chair I want to slip cover for my daughter's room, and I was going to skirt it, but love the inverted box pleats on yours. AND of course love the green. Sorry for the contractor trauma...still recovering from our contractor trauma from kitchen re-do last fall. xo

    1. I looked into little blue deer but they had a waiting list and then yesterday with all the waiting games on contractors I was like let me just google search it and sure enough there was a tutorial...I do a link on a post soon because it really was easy peasy...well, almost. but I figured it out :)

      the chairs are from pottery barn...aptly named the savannah chair. the name and the boxpleats had me at hello. I follow some slipcover people on instagram if you're interested or if you can sew I think I did a tutorial link on it least according to my youngest sister I did. she found a wing chair at goodwill and was going to slipcover it and so google it. her husband was shocked that my post was like the second thing that came up. so funny. I don't keep up with statistical blog stuff. who knew?

  4. Love the new blog look, Nancy -- so fun to freshen up blog and boards! At least once you put in/replace hardwoods you'll be finished forever. Mine are about 90 years old and doing well. Hope you have a great week and thanks for being my blogging friend!

  5. I had no idea you had a blog!!! Why isn't your IG account linked up?? Well, now I know and I've added you to my Bloglovin' feed. Love your home and I'll just be wandering around your blog for a bit!


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