Thursday, October 15, 2015

because its all about the base {week 2 of the ORC}

Welcome to the wrap up of week two of
the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda from Calling It Home .
For this six week decorating bonanza I chose a little room,
{Can you call an area without doors a room?}
an old outdated bar area that we had been using
as a catch all storage place full of
 school papers, board games, and toys galore.
If it didn't have a place elsewhere it got shoved in here.
I'm sure you have a place like that in your home.
Am I right?
Step one was to move all the junk out and put it aside.
Just like Scarlett O'Hara I'll think of that another day.
For the next six five weeks its all about this space
and this week its all about the base...

what to do with the walls.
I knew we'd have to paint the walls because
of the old countertop and mini-backsplash
surrounding the bar area.
Plus the guy who did the demolition of the old cabinets
 beat the tar out of the wall in removing the old tiles.
This truly was a win win situation because
I'd never really liked the shagreen color on the walls.
That's a big tip in helping narrow down choices -
consider what you don't want,
not just what you think you want.
I like neutrals but I like pops of color too.
I didn't want anything too crazy...
oranges, yellows, and pinks
 I have enough neutral shades of khaki already
beige, caramel, tan in general
which left me with grays, greens, and blues.
I googled and pinned,
 hemmed and hawed for a few weeks,
the weeks I waited for our contractor
to take the plans for the custom desk I'd drawn for him
and get in here and get 'er done.
While I played the waiting game for him
 I thought I'd narrowed it down to
Benjamin Moore's Hale Navy,
the color I thought I would use in the twins room reno
{that's next on the project list}.
Kill two birds with one stone or rather one gallon of paint.
Up until the day the painter showed up and asked for a paint chip.
The day before he was due
I took the paint chip contenders in the room with me
in the middle of the day,
sunlight blaring like a loud radio,
to see how it might look once it was on the wall.
To me Hale Navy looked almost black.
So I scrambled back to the paint deck stat and pulled these...

It was Sherwin Williams Naval for the win.
My blue heaven perfection.
I ignored the sheetrock/painter guy who said
"you no think its too dark?"
I got worried since he's around paint all day.
But I stuck to my guns...
this room gets so much light
even on a rainy day.
We'd be fine
and after all,
its just paint.
Let's go for it I told him.
If I'm wrong we'll I will repaint it.

Here's how the week progressed in paint...

 I toyed with the idea of a Kelly green color on the desk
but for now I'm sticking with white.
I had a gallon of custom white for cabinets left over
from the kitchen reno...good news for the budget.
I calculated it in as a cost of zero for this reno.
More good news is that I love it.
The bad news is I have to repaint.
Which leads me to the story of how my husband and I
now fully recognize and admit that we could never ever
in a million billion years go on the show "The Amazing Race."
It would be the end of us as an "us".
So here's the ugly truth and some background...
when I drew up plans for the desk we had made
we thought we would use a piece of marble
or Caesarstone like we did in our kitchen reno for the desk top.
In the end I decided I just wanted a wood top
since I knew I would paint the desk anyway,
{just wasn't sure what color}
plus I thought it would give me more options for the future.
{You know I'm a serial redecorator.}
In order to protect the painted desktop
we had a piece of glass cut
using the exact measurements of the desk top.
One little problem.
Make that two.
I neglected to account for getting said glass between two walls.
And two door mouldings.
In a feat that can only be described as origami twister while holding heavy glass
first my peep Laura and I
then my husband and I tried our best
to get that dang piece of glass into the space
for which it was perfectly cut.
Only you probably know
{and I neglected to consider}
that perfectly plumb walls in a house do not exist.
Especially a house in Houston where the land does not sit still.
SOOOOOOOO after some dirty looks,
eye rolls,
squashed knuckles
and a curse word I do not remember uttering
{this is according to the hubs but in my defense
the glass WAS stuck on my knuckles
and wedged between the two walls
and I truly thought the only way we'd get unstuck was to break the glass.
Thankfully my husband is cool and collected at times when I am not.
We both took a deep breath and tried to work backwards from whence we came.
Reverse twister worked like a charm.
We were able to get the glass unstuck from its precarious perch,
back in the car,
back to the glass place
where they patiently cut off a half an inch.
One of my birthday wishes was to get that puppy in place
and we did just that on Monday...

As you can see a couple of the drawer pulls have been installed.
A little hitch occurred in the giddy-up during install of all the pulls I picked.
More on that in the next few weeks
but until then here's a little sneak peak of the pulls
 as well as two little gems that I scored
on our neighborhood online garage sale site...



I promise I wasn't looking for these.
They found me :)
They were just meant to be.
Other people's trash is another person's treasure :)

So for now we're at basic bones but I'm working on some hubba hubba.
Thanks for checking in on me.
Be sure to click over to Calling It Home to see how other linking participants
are chugging along with their own design challenges.


  1. Love the color you picked! And, what a score at the neighborhood sale. Perfect for the space, as are the pulls.

    1. thanks so much :) I love the color too. :)

  2. The blue looks great and love those lamps! So glad they found you. Wink, wink.

    1. Hi Stacey! thanks for your comment :) God was looking down on me that day when I saw them on facebook. I'm pretty sure I screamed out loud. :)

  3. I do love the blue walls, too! What a pain with the glass - it seems like there is always one little bit that needs to be reworked when renovating, doesn't it? Looking forward to seeing the final result!

    1. Hi Kristin, thanks for stopping by :) it was definitely a pain in the glass :) but with it I learned a huge lesson in measuring :)

  4. Love the blue of my favorites! I just used SW Naval on some bookshelves for a client. We painted the background SW Quietude and it is oh so yummy! Shut up with those pulls:)

    1. Sherry Hart. I die. seriously I saw your name here and i'm pretty sure I stopped breathing for a minute. you're one of my favorite bloggers EVAH. and because the bashful go hungry can I just say that my secret wish is that you would add me to your just for a day even and i'll take a picture. just had to throw that out into the universe. i know. i'm shacrazy.

  5. I'm so jealous of these lamps, exactly what I'm looking for at an affordable price!

    1. Hi Anna,

      Thanks for reading :) don't be jelly...its taken me years to find some. and they weren't exactly affordable ;( but when i saw the pair i was all over them like white on rice. if i see any more i'll let you know. deal?

  6. Looking fabulous and obviously those lamps were meant for you or you would not have just happened to find them :))))) And we had a mirror removal/finger smashed episode ( my finger) that sounds somewhat like yours. No pain no (redecorating) gain!

  7. Hi! I agree...the lamps were meant to be :) sorry about your fingers too...cant wait to see your reveal on the ORC :)


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