Monday, October 19, 2015

happy birthday to me...allegedly

I don't know about you but when my birthday month rolls around,
yes I said "birthday month" cause that's how I roll...
I celebrate not just the big day but the entire month of October...
Is that wrong?
If so please don't tell me.
I can't be the only one who says stuff like 
"its ok to eat half a cake...its your birthday"
like three weeks after my big day.
Herewith are a few of my favorite finds recently.
Some of which I may have purchased for my birthday.
That said I got an email alert yesterday that
Cole Haan is having a 30% off sale
{use the code "FRIENDS30"}
through tomorrow 10/20
That email had me at hello and of course
its still my birthday month so I clicked through
and found this...
an iPhone wallet combo :)

 I am pretty sure will fit my iPhone 6
with its big protective case...
I'm hoping any way...
I'll let you know.
But at 30% off I was willing to try :)
I also saw these and I'll probably regret not getting them
but I have such quirky feet now because of my running
that I can't risk buying shoes I can't try on before I buy.
but at $49.95 I think you should get them :)
 I scored this dress on sale at Nordstrom earlier in the month...
perfect for an afternoon wedding or church or whatever
when you can't think of what to wear,
grab this and you'll be out the door lickety split.
UPDATE...this seems to be sold out :(
I stumbled on it in the dress section under sale...
there's a bunch of wrap dresses similar to this if you're interested.
Public service announcement if you're a beauty product junkie like me
they'll send you a little happy birthday email.
I was ecstatic to see that they are offering a free lip gloss
if your birthday is in October :)
Um, yes, I'm addicted to lip gloss and
I'll take a free one please and thank you very much.
Plus I also scored some awesome spray wax by Redken
Did I mention that I have this thing I do
when the winds of change are blowing my way
that I cut all my hair off?
Well...with all this talk of branching out...
I did it again.
Really its like a long reverse pixie bob...
all business in the front and a party in the back.
Bonus is I don't have to use a brush when I blow it dry.
I just dry it all wackadoodle, no rhyme or reason, just my fingers then use this spray.
I'm loving the way this wax helps define the front
plus it smells good and isn't crunchy.
While I was in the checkout line at Ulta
{by the way there's no purchase required to get the gloss}
I saw a travel size of It Cosmetics Brow Power pencil
that I've been wanting to try.
Loves it too.
Its different in that the pencil part is oval shaped
which, to me, makes it look more natural.
I hope my peeps will tell me when they see me if this is not the case ;)
Speaking of crazy brows...
my sweet peep Paola met me at the Galleria
last week so that I could try on this dress.
I'd never shopped at Zara before but I've been looking
ever since I saw Paola in a drop dead gorgeous peach dress
at a birthday dinner last year for another peep.
About Paola...she's Italian and has more style in her pinky
than I have in my whole body so I watch her to learn.
She told me when I asked where she scored said dress.
Zara was her response.
I've been stalking their site ever since.
I'll do a separate post on Zara soon
but I scored this dress and love its easy style.
It was true to size which I cant say about all their stuff
that I took into the dressing room
because a couple I could only get one thigh into
before I called it quits.
This dress though rocks the house.
Ok y'all.
Its Monday.
Let's plow through and make it a great week.
Got lots of stuff to do before Thursday's ORC update.
Let's do this!


  1. I am so for celebrating birthday "month". Sounds like you scored several great finds. And, I bet you are rocking that new hairstyle.

  2. I don't think my comment went through. I like to celebrate the month of October too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Cool idea--the cell phone/wallet combo!

  3. Happy bday Nancy! I love the dress you scored! I'm going out to get the eye brow pencil. I need all the help I can get! Enjoy every minute of October!

  4. Happy Birthday month! I do a week, but I like your idea of a month better! Love the green shoes.

  5. Happy birthday! I am going to have to try that birthday month thing. I don't think it will work though.
    My birthday is Dec 26th. Too much spending and celebrating holidays!


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