Thursday, October 22, 2015

how can it be? it's week 3 of the ORC

Time seems to go at warp speed.
Especially when a deadline is looming.
It's week three of the ORC.
We're half way to the final reveal.
 Let's forget that little detail shall we?
Today let's talk about lighting...

If you're a regular around here
you've heard me complain about my eyes
getting worse as I get older.
It's a fact jack...welcome to the forties :)
The key for me now that I'm in the middle of my fourth decade on earth
is a lot of light...and I do mean ALOT.
And of course I wanted pretty so here's what was on my wish list...

Now for the break down of why and why not these...

I admit I have yet to see a beaded chandy I didn't like.
Especially when it comes in blue...



Hubba hubba right?
A definite pop of bling.
But at $400 it was more than I wanted to spend.

This lovely is about half the price of the blue beauty above...



but because it only uses a maximum of one 40 watt bulb
I had to vote this one off the island.

 I've posted about this gorgeous light before
so I had to consider it even though
its too big for my tiny space...


Somebody needs this in their dining room.
Just saying.

This little light made me smile when I first saw it...


Reminds me of a honeycomb.
Can you see it too?
It also reminds me of the Hicks pendants in my kitchen...


Each makes me think of a gorgeous pair of earrings.
But sadly...I can only fit one in the space plus
I need more than a 40 watt maximum.

This was news to me and I wonder if it is to you too.
Honestly I never thought in a million years
I'd say these words in a blog post...

 Guess who has their own line of lighting?
I know.
Talk amongst yourselves.
I've got to give it to Donny...I like it.
Again...just more than I wanted to spend.
 Because I was going to have to factor in
converting the one lone recessed can light in the room
if I used one of the fixtures above.
Key phrase here is "was" because did you hear that?
That's the sound of our budget increasing by using any of the above.
Plus I should have planned better...
While the carpenter was here earlier this month installing the desk
we decided to drop an extra receptacle in the wall
so that we could plug in our printer that would be housed
inside the cabinet with doors...

While the electrician was here doing that
I had him rip out the old fluorescent light strip
situated right above the desk underneath the dreadful header
{otherwise known as the back of our staircase}

Nothing says migraine to me like fluorescent bulbs.
Anyone else?

My trusty electrician installed this bomb diggity
LED undercabinet light strip from Lowes

that we previously used in our kitchen reno.
Its a plug in but the expert electrician hardwired it in.
Best part is you can link a few of these together.
I didn't in here...but I wish I had.
I also wish I had him put a plug up underneath the cabinet like this


but at the time I hadn't found my twin double happiness lamps

so I didn't need more plugs than the ones I had.
If only I'd thought of all my electrical needs at once.
I'm done with the what ifs or could have beens.
Let's talk about what I decided on...

Some of you might recognize this little bit o' leopard from Ballard Designs.
What I love about it is that it literally screws right in to your recessed can fixture.
That's what had me at hello.
No extra $$ for an electrician.
And it was a whopping $89.
BTW...Ballard is currently having a 20% off everything sale until 11-9.
You're welcome ;)

So week three here's where we stand...
kind of...

I was able to spray paint some office trays.
A few I had...

{they're gold now}
and one I scored at home goods so cross that off the list above...

 I ordered the chiang mai but neglected to add its purposing to the "to do" list.
Its going on the massive bulletin board
I had installed a few years ago.
More on that in another post.
Some other stuff I'm trying to figure out...

 I've been playing around with adding a Greek key trim to the desktop.
I'm not sure...
any thoughts?
Yay or nay?
 One side is different than the other I know :)
Just playing around.
Not sure if it will stay.
Feel free to cast a vote below in the comment section.

That's all for now.
We're at the top of the rollercoaster and its a long drop.
Everybody take a deep breath because the next three weeks are going to fly.
There's a lot left to do.
While I'm scratching things off the list y'all
be sure and click over to check out all
the ORC linking participants on Calling It Home.
Meet you back here next week at the same time, same bat channel.



  1. Oooo, I like the great key trim. I'd keep it. :)

  2. A big honking YES for the Greek trim! It looks great.

    1. Hi Kelly! I think its a keeper too :) thanks :)

  3. Love the Greek key on the desk. And Donny Osmond's light is great--a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll!

    1. Hi Rachel :) I love your take on the light...I agree wholeheartedly. back when I was a kid i'll admit I had a crush on Donny...never in a million years would have guessed i'd be blogging about his home décor line. ha!

  4. Yay for the Greek key on the desk, still envying the two blue and white jar lamps and Donny Osmond, who knew?

    1. hi! girl - I've seen your pickings from thrifting on your blog and I have no doubt you'll find a pair of your own one day soon :) you find some awesome stuff!

  5. Replies
    1. hey Cindy :) thanks for stopping by :) hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I've been a bit disconnected from social media these past few weeks and then I see your post pop up in my email. Thanks for the smiles. I love that you're doing the ORC. Well done so far, Nancy. I am looking forward to more update and the big reveal!

    1. Hi Moira! I've been wondering where you were :) hope all is well. glad you stopped by :)

  7. Loving the greek key! I would definitely go for it. Those lamps are stunning! You have done so much already. I am envious. My week was pretty slow for my room. Loving the direction you are headed with your room and can't wait to see the final reveal.

    1. Hi Stephanie! thanks for your kind words. we all have weeks when we feel like we are getting nothing done. honestly I feel like that most days :) heading over to check out your ORC :)

  8. I love the screw in animal print light! What a great tip!

    1. hi Paige! I know! who knew? i'd seen them in a catalog...improvements maybe? but they weren't attractive to me. then I saw the cheetah and it had me at hello. :) have a great weekend!


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