Thursday, October 29, 2015

let's get real...week 4 of the ORC

Real life is getting in the way of progress of my one room challenge.
Oy vey.
I had big plans when I last left you.
The weather was even cooperating with the outlook calling for
a weekend of rainy skies thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Patricia.
I'll admit I love rainy days.
The thought of having to stay home and snuggle in...nothing sounds better to me.
I had high hopes of getting stuff done in my little office.
Yeah, that didn't happen.
Saturday was spent in the rain at a school carnival.
No problem I thought.
The forecast called for rain into the night on Sunday
Sunday I told myself.
That's when the magic will happen.
Not so much.
Here's what really happened.
Saturday night we had just gotten into bed when I heard a drip.
That was pretty loud I thought.
Then I heard it again and looked at the hubs,
who as usual was typing away doing work.
Except when I turned to look at him
he turned to look at me with this look that said
"did you just hear that?"
Which is when I knew he'd heard it too.
Crap. Crud.
 We both threw back the covers and jumped up like we were twenty somethings.
All spry and everything.
Except we're not exactly spry.
You know how when you're really trying to listen and you freeze like a statue?
I'm sure we looked more like two crazy people
with arms stretched out and hunched over.
Like cavemen ready to rumble.
So that was us...two looney tunes trying to locate the sound of water dripping.
Then my husband sees it.
Coming down from the ceiling around where the chimney
rises up through the house into the attic.
Needless to say it was a long night and a long Sunday
spent with fans and towels and duct tape.
I said duct tape.
Because bright idea me thinks it would be best
to duct tape towels around the top of the ceiling
to catch the water before it hits the carpet.


Then about 4am I wake up in a "time to make the doughnuts" trance
and get up on a ladder to check to see if its time to change the towels.
Except at 4am and without coffee I end up ripping off more than the towels.
Chunks of paint came off with the handy dandy Star Wars duct tape.
At which point I whisper softly to my husband...
"um, honey, I think we're gonna have to repaint the bedroom."
He mumbles something about "its only money." and rolls over.
Always one to pounce on opportunity I headed for my pot of coffee
and pinterest to pick out new paint colors for the bedroom.
Always looking for the rainbow in clouds :)
It took me three days of phone calls but I finally found a roofer
who could put us on the schedule.
Meaning yesterday I got back to work on my ORC.

Thanks to those of you who left comments about whether or not
to keep the Greek key trim on the desk.
There are lots of tutorials as to how to do this but you know me...
I don't like to read instruction manuals of any kind :)
I'm a wing-it kind of girl.
I found a picture on pinterest with a pattern I liked
{and please note she used gold duct tape...just saying :)}
{Although I just found this and boy would this have come in handy!}
I grabbed a few yard sticks, some gold Scotch washi tape, and a box cutter
and played around last week...

then after last weeks comments I decided to keep it
so I spent yesterday afternoon also matching up the left and right sides...

I know some people miter their edges and make precise cuts...
I'm not those people.
I do it all by eye and we all know my eyes are not what they used to be.
There are little imperfections I'm sure but I'm ok with that.
Just like my wrinkles...I can't see them so they don't bother me.
#outofsightoutofmind :)

I also managed to finish some art work I've wanted to do
ever since I saw this room by Tobi Fairley...

via tobi

My kids have been color coded since their infant days.
{so that I knew which sippy cup belonged to which twin.}
Using this tutorial I was able to make the kids' silhouettes in PowerPoint.
I printed it in black and white and used that as my template for cutting.

What's up for next week?
Here's a hint...

I know.
More blue and white goodness in one picture than a girl deserves.
Next up on the list is tackling the bulletin board.
I have a funny feeling this is going to be a two person job.
But I have just the right person in mind to help me.
She's got mad sewing skills, she's an engineer,
but the main reason I love her is that she's a real hoot.
As in we tend to get in trouble when we're together.
Like the time, perhaps after a few libations,
we sang belted out "YMCA" complete with full dance routine
whilst in the middle of a beautiful antiques store that shall go unnamed.
In our defense the store provided some of the alcohol
and the song was playing on their sound system.
alcohol + music from the 70s = I will bust a move.
So will my peeps.
Just saying she's all that and a bag of chips
and we have ourselves a date with the bag from Schumacher.
I just hope we can get serious long enough to get it on the wall.
Stay tuned...
Even I am on pins and needles about this one. ;)

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  1. Love your silhouettes!! Can't wait to see the rest of the room!!

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  8. I am loving your process! It is going to be terrific!
    So exciting!!!!


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