Thursday, October 1, 2015

Round Top or Bust!

 Monday started off slightly rocky for our bi-annual pilgrammage to Round Top.
The forecast called for rain all day.
Ugh right?
But when you've run 13 plus miles
in thirty degree weather in freezing rain
with winds blowing sideways
you know rain ain't nothing but a thing.
Plus we're committed fearless shoppers.
What can I say?

We met up after school drop-off,
divided up into cars,
and got ready to rumble.
Only to find LaVerne's car battery was dead.
While I googled "how to jump start a car" on you tube
{you know how I love learning new tricks}
our peep Laura phoned her husband
whom I affectionately call "MacGuyver" because
he's a genius, an inventor, plus he can fix any thing
with duct tape and a paperclip.
What if you get up there and get stuck he said.
Good point right?
Because I don't know about you but I'm not one
to leave my treasures behind in Round Top.
So we divided up again into more cars
because more cars = more room
to bring back our treasures. :)

We breezed up to Round Top.
It rained the whole time.
Lucky for me our peep LaVerne had extra rain jackets.
The ladies in my tribe as always prepared.
Not so much.

The rain stopped right as we hit Blue Hills
so we decided to push on through
to our normal starting place around Zapp Hall.
I have to be honest...there wasn't a lot to report on
in the fields around Zapp Hall.
Maybe because it was early in the show this year
and normally we go towards the end.
I'm not sure but it was a different vibe this year.
I wasn't the only one who picked up on this.
I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining though.
The rain held off to an occasional misting.
The sun hid behind the clouds until the afternoon so it wasn't sweltering
like most sweat-filled September days in Texas.
There were some occasional gems around the Zapp Hall fields.
Case in point... 


Loved this Chinoiserie style breakfast set.
As we stood in line for lunch at Royers two things caught my eye...
What every mother needs.
Then my friend LaVerne spied this cute tote bag on a fellow shopper...

Don't think I didn't tap her on the shoulder to ask where she got it.
The bashful go hungry as my brother Mike says.
Sam Moon she said.
In various colors.
You're welcome :)


Once we got refueled I continued the hunt
 to score more of the double happiness beads
that I stumbled on last year.
One little problem...
you see most vendors set up shops in the same area every show.
My bead guy was a no show.
If you go and find any
Email me, comment below, send up a smoke signal.
I'm a junkie and I need more!
I gave up the hunt and we moved down the street,
back towards Houston.
{Remember if you go
 its best to drive past Round Top proper
as far as you want
then head back towards Houston to avoid traffic snares.}
I don't know why I'm really crushing on all things Chinoiserie lately.
These doors had me at hello...

That is a hamburglar photobombing me.
If you don't know what that is then you're obviously way younger than me.

More doors galore...

I need two for my laundry room reno
and am hoping to sweet talk the hubs into going back with me.
There was so much to see.
Seriously if you like looking at old stuff you'd be in paradise.

Things really started looking up when I saw this...

Yes please...



an up close for my friend Elda's husband
who may soon find himself building something similar.
Allegedly. :)
This place had eye candy in every direction...

if only I needed a new table
the one above would have been in my car stat.
As soon as I saw this I knew what wouldn't be far away...


getting hotter...

Told ya...
double happiness
in the form of replica calligraphy pens.
You can just barely make out that I also scored a ginger jar.
Not with double happiness mind you
but rather with a dragon on it.
A little homage to Chiang Mai dragon.
Because you know you can never have enough of that.
In my humble opinion any way.  :)
I was happy as a clam by this point.
My eyes are failing and I cant recognize peoples faces
but I can spot blue and white anything from a mile away.
As we were making our way to Blue Hills
we stopped for a minute so that the girls could check out a tip
on a tent by The Royal Standard.
Now I'd hear heard of them before
but if you know me then you know I'm an Anglophile at heart.
With a name like Royal Standard I'm in for a visit like white on rice.
We walk in and ladies are buzzing like bees.
Apparently everything on one half of the tent was 50% off.
insert wide eyed emoji here.
I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy
gathering up holiday gifts for teachers.
I'll take pictures of what I bought and do a separate post.
Stay tuned on that front.
Meanwhile back at Blue Hills...

this reminds me of the front gate to my Grannie's old house.
Plus if you paint something green I'm bound to be in love with it.
These gates were green and chippy and awesome.
I think one would be great on a wall as a bulletin board of sorts
but using old clothes pins to hold items onto the metal wire.
What do you think?
I apologize now for the lack of pictures at Blue Hills.
I love it there but as soon as we arrived I got a text.
Two actually.
One from my peep Laura and the other from my peep Angela.
Funny because they arrived at separate times
and stumbled onto this each on their own...
I texted back ...
"where are you????"
"I'm on my way now." as I dashed over to the middle tent
 like a tiger getting ready to pounce.
My peep Laura was right there waiting.
The memory makes me smile.
My peeps know me so well.
We chatted with the owner of the company, Carol.
Remember that name.
They had me at hello.
Laura was looking around too and said
"hey, Nanc, did you see the name of this desk over here?
"Not yet. What is it?"
She just smiled and said "double happiness."
Could it get any better?
Which is the moment I knew I was not leaving empty handed.
I'll pause here though if you don't mind
and share more of the story and what I bought in the next post ok?
Its too special in my opinion to lump it all together here.
Once we had our treasures loaded up it was nearly six.
Most tents close down around that time.
We headed to our last stop of the trip,
guided along by a rainbow or two...

and stopped at Leftovers for our biannual wine and cheese party. 

Well...usually we have a picnic in the grass
but due to all the rain we decided to set up shop
on their front porch.
I guess we were pretty loud.
Enough to where the owners Ed and Michael came outside.
More than once. ;)
They were so sweet and cheered us on.
Afterwards we always venture inside to see the goodies they have.
Leftovers is a definite stop during Round Top.
They have it all.
Antiques, jewelry, bath and body products, candles.
My favorite is the food and accoutrement section,
perfect for entertaining and party prep... 

I love everything they have in store.
Ed and Michael...they're my tribe too.
They just don't know it yet. :)
Like I said the day got better as it went on.
I'm hoping to go back before this show ends.
If not I'll be counting down the days until the next show in spring 2016.
If you've never been I'd highly recommend it.
You never know what you'll find in Round Top.


  1. I am so jealous! So wish I could have been there...hope to go back in the fall...Checking out Red Egg and will have to hit leftovers next time...where is it exactly?

    1. Hi Cindy! Leftovers is on highway 290 on the way to round top (towards Austin) just outside of Brenham. Here's a good map: Hope you have a glorious weekend!

  2. Another thing I miss about Texas... Round Top. So glad that you scored on the DH calligraphy pens. Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh My! Sounds like a fun day. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a good weekend!

  4. Oh My! Sounds like a fun day. Thank you for sharing with us. Have a good weekend!


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