Thursday, November 19, 2015

best recent beauty buys

You know I'm a self professed beauty product junkie.
I don't know why but I've never met a new product I didn't want to try.
A few weeks ago my peep Joyce called and asked me to go
to a frou frou chi-chi shop near River Oaks.
Uh yeah was my response.
I knew they had home furnishings but who knew they had beauty stuff too!
Plus I'd roll anywhere with Joyce.
She's a much so that I guess we were talking too much
and I only took one picture in the shop...
 Not sure why I even took that one.
Guess it was the red moose?
One other good thing came out of the store.
While we were looking around I came across this...

No, this is not your mama's mirror.
This mirror is not a joke.
I may have fired my brow threader because
I spent an hour with my new mirror and my tweezers.
Amazing is all I have to say.
Equally amazing is a cosmetic company I've been watching for a while now.
Have you heard of them?
So last week I happened to find myself at Ulta.
Don't blame me though...its right next to my kids' pediatrician's office.
I needed a signature on a form for school and who could blame me
when I wandered by on the way to the car.
Next thing I know I'm buying hair care products and testing out It.
Because I'd watched their presentations on tv
but wasn't sure what the right colors would be on me.
A very nice Ulta employee urged me to try stuff out.
I still wasn't convinced mainly because, between us,
you know I didn't need anything at all.
I'm a junkie and I know it.
So I left the store without any It. ;(
Then I got home and was checking my email
when lo and behold a little holiday cheer
with 25% off friends and family code arrived from It.
It was like they knew where I'd been that day.
Scary a lot.
I placed an order over the weekend
for a couple of It Cosmetics,


You read it right.
It's called Your Skin but Better.
This is IT and I'm not exaggerating.
This is everything and a bag of chips.
It covers flawlessly and is chock full of anti-aging ingredients,
but mostly importantly
it doesn't feel like you're wearing anything.
Honestly this morning when I was putting it on
I thought to myself
this is like putting on new skin.
I bought the trial size in medium to start
but I'll be buying the super size from qvc asap.
I also took a chance and ordered a new lip gloss.
Because I am a hoarder of lip products.
To the point where even I think its ridiculous.
I ordered the CC + Lip Serum in Laugh.
I'm pretty particular about lip products I admit
so I'm willing to give any a try in the hopes
that I'll find one to stay on, feel good, and give a little color.

This is the holy grail of lip glosses.
I put this on and immediately went into the drawer where I keep my lip stash.
Don't judge.
You know I buy in bulk especially this time of year
when gift sets are readily available ;)
I took every lip stick and gloss out of the drawer,
and then all of the ones out of my purse
and they're gone baby gone.
 I mean it.
One try and I was hooked.
I'm officially an It girl.
You should be too.
Be sure and sign up for their emails
which is how I got alerted to their recent sale
plus they offer free shipping for orders over $25.
I'll share the hair care scores next time.
Until then y'all ~
whatever you're up to make sure you're loving every minute!


  1. Oh may have just gotten me in trouble ;-) Gotta at least "check" IT out.

    1. rut roh shaggy. :) i'm serious when I say IT is worth the trouble :) happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Might have to check this out....I stay away from Ulta if I's like HomeGoods....I come out of the store with 10 things I don't need but WANT! Have a Happy Thanksgiving with your family!!!

    1. I know Christine! its a bad scene in both those stores. even worse when you shop online. stuff just magically adds itself to my cart...not sure how that happens ;)

  3. Nancy.. I don't know how I missed this post from 4 days ago. I would have been so much prettier today because I would be wearing my new It Cosmetics. I don't care if it's 2 days before Thanksgiving, I headed to Ulta today. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!!

    1. let me know what you find! i'm loving their brow pencil and the cc cream and the lipgloss. I can wait to see if IT has some black Friday specials :) Happy Thanksgiving!


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