Friday, November 13, 2015


As they say in the South
where I come from
stick a fork in me,
I'm done!
Sending loads of gratitude to our host Linda
from Calling It Home  and her biannual One Room Challenge.
I've been an avid reader of her blog for years and honestly
without the push of a deadline this little room reno
may would definitely have taken me years to finish.
No lie.
I'll share pics in a second
but its on my heart to say this first...

this challenge pushed me think of what I want
in and outside of this room...
in the small business I'm dreaming up
and also in my bloggin'.
 When I sit down to write
I feel like I'm sharing part of my heart .
I hope that comes through to you.
If not please know I tried.
 When I was in the middle of scouting and buying things
I also attempted to do some additional projects ,
not because I needed or wanted them
but because
I thought you the reader would be like "hell-yayah"
I'll admit I felt some panicked moments
where I thought for sure
you would see my finale and be like "that's it?"
"she should've done x, y, and z"
and maybe you still will.
Thankfully in those angst filled moments
I heard whispers in my heart to just to be real.
Which is my number one rule for design
whether you're on your own
or a designer is helping you with your space
you have to listen to your gut.
When in doubt I thought of this...

Without further ado
here's a pretty accurate definition and reflection of
everything that I love
in this little space I now call my own...

 Not bad considering it started as this...

I designed the custom desk we had made.
Its divine if I do say so myself...

The right side holds our printer, paper, and extra supplies...

While the left side does double duty...

with two drawers of two rows of hanging file folders...

Besides the desk lamps that I scored on a fluke
on our neighborhood online garage sale site
I think my biggest coup was finding these...

Double happiness drawer pulls.
I die.

 I like to keep clutter hidden so on top of the desk
I kept it to a minimum.
This little map of Georgia used to hang in my boys' room.
I'm a fan of shopping what you already have so it moved in here.
The state of Georgia was teal blue, nothing a sharpie can't handle.
 I happened to have a giant navy one.
Imagine that?
I also added a little orange star to mark Savannah
as a little homage to where I come from.
Because as you know I'm always in a southern state of mind...

The middle drawer is for pens, tape, and push pins...

{the polka dot paper is actually a gift bag from Target
that I'm using as drawer liner.
The huge desk pad from the Pottery Barn outlet is now back in the kitchen.}

 Without a doubt the best DIY in the room are our boys' silhouettes...

Funny...look at the reflection of the middle picture above
and you'll see what I did on the other wall.
The other wall.
Where to start?
Its a glass block window.
We got an estimate to replace the glass block window.
While I'm recovering from that heart attack
I'm disguising it with pieces of my blue and white collection...

Its like putting lipstick on a pig
but to me its the perfect shade of lipstick :)
I also threw an old sea fan I'd been meaning to frame
in the planter behind an orchid I'm trying my best to keep alive.

I'm just happy it still had blooms for the pictures.

  Look at what other blooms are in the room...

{sorry for the weird pic...iPhone pano shot was the best I could do right now
to get the whole board in the picture...}

Glad I was home alone when I took these shots
so that I didn't have to explain why I was laying on the floor
taking repeated panoramic pictures...

My red egg chair makes me smile every time I sit down.

Last week my peep Rena graciously came over
and using her super duper engineering skills
she helped me figure out the best position for the Chiang Mai.
I had ordered a couple of yards from Designer Fabrics USA
{I debated between wallpaper and fabric and
Kelly from Designer Fabrics USA was so kind and helpful.}
thinking I'd cover the whole board
but once we figured we'd have to piece meal the fabric
to get the pattern to line up
I knew I couldn't do it.
Yes it may have been a bigger wow factor
but I couldn't bring myself to chop it up.
Call me crazy.

Until a few days later
when the cork board with its obvious sun damage
starting talking to my OCD.
So I took it all down.
By myself.
Because I was too ashamed to tell Rena that I hadn't thought ahead.
#lesson learned 
I thought about painting the cork itself
but instead went with some craft paper I had on hand...

I used a roll of upholstery tacks to secure the paper...

 I'm still thinking I might paint the trim.
For now I like the white :)
 Besides the hanging file folders and notebooks
look at what else I found at Target...

I think Target should rename these push pins "Chiang Mai Garden"
or something like that.
Call me Target if you need more advice. 
I'm a plethora of knowledge and I know every inch of your stores
better than some of your own employees.
I had to buy a ton of these to hang the Greek key trim
Rena and I snagged at Hobby Lobby.
The solid orange was perfect for the trim and the other colors
were perfectly camouflaged holding the fabric in the middle.

Speaking of the right colors...
this antique stained glass window was a wedding gift.
Its hung in this little room since we moved in.
As you can see the colors aren't exactly perfect for in here
but I couldn't bring myself to move it out...

I tried painting the glass but you could see the brush strokes.
Then one day I was staring at the silhouettes I made and it hit me.
I grabbed the paper I used for that project and a little cut and paste later...

I hung it back in its place and am loving the new colors :)
I've got a couple of other things to try but for now this works for me :)
Progress, not perfection.

I'm still playing ginger jar shuffle...

but you might agree that that is a good problem to have...

I even found a place for the double happiness beads
I scored in Round Top last spring...

Sorry this is late in posting.
Lots of crazy happened yesterday.
Some good, some bad.
I'll try to post about it next along with a better source list.
Until then you should definitely check out the other ORC final reveals.
That's definitely on my weekend to-do list.
I hope you enjoy yours whatever you do.

In case you missed my earlier ORC updates
you can find them here:

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  1. I love it Nancy! I imagine you are pleased as punch!!!
    Congrats on your stunning new space!

  2. I love it too. You had me at the silhouettes!! Love them, and all the blue and white perfection.

    1. thank you so much :) funny....I was looking for holiday cards and saw minted now carries silhouettes. how funny is that!

  3. Oh, I love it!!! The colors, fabrics (hello, light fixture!), and accessories are right up my alley. You're going to make big things happen in that little office!

  4. I love it all and I especially appreciate reading your introductory thoughts. It looks like you had nothing to worry about; this is beautiful!

    1. Thanks Carrie. :) and I appreciate you leaving this comment. thanks for reading :)

  5. Well done, Nancy! It looks fab!

    1. Hi Moira! hope you're doing well. thanks so much :)

  6. Love it all Nancy! What a great job! Love the chair and the double happiness drawer pulls.
    Great job on the belligerents board too. Love the fabric...basically I love everything you did.

    1. hey Tery!!! my Siri doesn't understand me either ;) I changed her to a British guy voice because at least he sounds sexier when he totally misunderstands me :) ha! hope you're working on getting your blog up and running :) hint, hint. not kidding.

  7. Sorry auto correct is about to drive me crazy. I meant to say great job on the bulletin board. 'Belligerents????'


  8. That is so sweet Nancy! Unexpected blessing!

    1. Hey Renae! Hope you're doing well! thanks for stopping by :) no pressure but I miss your blog :)

  9. Replies
    1. Hi Stacey! thanks reading. I love your blog. my pictures do not do it justice. working on better shots ;)

  10. So incredible!! Love the greek key on the awesome desk top and those drawer pulls are to die for. Really. And all that blue and whit. Delish!

    1. You're so sweet! your ORC was a knock out as well!!! high five emoji baby!

  11. Those drawer pulls! Those ginger jars! THE CHAIR! So many fabulous pieces in one amazing space. Awesome!

    1. Hey Corinna,

      Thanks for stopping by. I saw that you read every single ORC entry. Dang you're awesome. I'm going to attempt to if my kids will cooperate :)

  12. Oh girl....home run! Love this space starting with the navy walls!!! I was wondering how you took those pictures too.....thanks for the tip! You really touched on every detail:)

    1. Sherry. Hart. I think I'm complete now that you have left these words. I die.

  13. I think this is a beautiful space! So organized! You did a fantastic job!

    1. Hi Erin,

      Thanks for your kind words. It really does feel organized...I just hope I can keep it that way ;)

  14. What a lovely space! I love the detail on the desk top.

  15. Great job! I love your colorful silhouettes and of course the Chiang Mai fabric.

  16. Love this space! The desk is wonderful, and I adore all your blue and white


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