Friday, November 6, 2015

have a seat...its week 5 of the ORC

 Back when I first got hooked on pinterest
I would spend every single second of free time on it.
Not proud, just being honest.
That was a few years ago.
15,000 pins plus since.
I know.
Insert ashamed emoji here.
One good thing that came out of that time well spent er wasted
is now that I'm circling back as a serial redecorator
to update rooms in my house
I usually peruse the many pinterest boards I have saved.
Like when I lost my mind threw my hat in the ring for my first ORC
the first place I went is my "where i work" board.
I saw certain trends of things I've loved
{some things that may be considered trends but
I figure its my space and I've got to love it right?}
 I've tried in these few short weeks to make them come to fruition.
One of the first things I started searching for
was the perfect place to sit while I work.
One type of chair in particular kept coming up on repeat in my pins.
A Chinese inspired Chippendale...

Of course these had me at hello...
In green if you please.
When I spotted this on One Kings Lane...
I thought it was "the one".
It was priced at $199.
I hit "add to cart" quicker than sweet tea disappears in my house.
Up popped white glove delivery fee of $200.
You know how I feel about shipping fees.
Um, no thank you.
I'll pass.
Undaunted I found it on other websites because that's how I roll.
Unfortunately on the other websites you had to buy them as a pair.
I kept searching for my perfect chair like Prince Charming for Cinderella.
This site has a ton of Chippendale chairs
{among other treasures}
but again...I only wanted one, not ten.
If you're in the market for multiples check Circawho out fo' sho.
Another great place for these Asian inspired items is Gumps.
I found Gumps during my initial foray into collecting double happiness.
This time I was all about their chairs...
but because of the desk I needed one without arms.
Gumps even had one of those but it was pretty pricey...
Ballard is a great place for chairs as well.
I knew their Dayna chair would work...
since they have both arm chair and side chair versions. have to buy their side chairs in pairs -
I assume because of shipping issues but I'm not sure.
In any event I hesitated since I knew I was going to Round Top.
More on that in a minute but if I could I would like to
 humbly suggest they offer these in green and navy.
Just saying Ballard Designs.
I found one in navy at my favorite catalog store Wisteria
but alas it only comes in the arm chair version.
 I have loved everything I've ever gotten from Wisteria.
One day I'm going to make it to their headquarters in Dallas.
And I may never come back...they might find me living in their warehouse.
Look for me in the blue and white porcelain section. ;)
Ok since that sounded kind of stalkerish let me tell you that
I did indeed stalk Ebay and Etsy scouring for one of these beauties
oh and Everything but the you know that site?
Be careful...its like pinterest.
It will suck you in and three hours later you're wondering
what space vortex you stumbled into
because you thought it had only been like ten minutes.
Or so you tell your husband when he calls you one afternoon
to ask where you are since you haven't left to do car pool yet.
'Cause you were in said vortex.
All this to say I couldn't find what I wanted in a chair
for what I wanted to spend online.
Which leads me back to Round Top.
Y'all may know that I am lucky enough to live less than two hours away.
I'm even luckier to have friends who are expert Round Top goers.
Over the years I've gone with them
they've taught me where to go, who to see, and how to deal.
Also where to eat and where the best restrooms are.
And they do the best wine and cheese tailgate parties.
Muy importante stuff y'all.
So this fall I made my little wish list.
A little background in case you're just joining me...
my husband and I had this little room reno on our books for years.
We had planned to make this old wine bar into a desk area
but with the thought that it would be a family command central.
Over the summer I told him I was dreaming of doing something, anything
in the field of design since I'm hopelessly passionate about it.
It was his idea to turn the bar into "my" little space to dream design dreams
{whatever those may be}.
Now I admit I have extra chairs in the house
and I was just going to use one of those but then the hubs casually said
"while you're in Round Top
look for a square game table
and also a chair for your office."
Who am I to turn down his requests?
So on the way to Round Top my peeps and I
go over our wish lists in the car as we drive through the countryside
because we always keep our eyes peeled for each others desires.
So the whole day I'm looking.
But I'm not seeing anything even remotely Chippendale like.
By the time we reached our next to the last stop at Blue Hills
I admit that I had given up.
I'd found a few treasures like double happiness calligraphy pens
and I was as happy as a clam with those.
Two of the cars in our caravan got to Blue Hills before we did.
Just as we drove got there I get a text asking where we are.
Just got here I texted back.
Then I get this picture from my peep Laura...

And within another minute I got nearly the same picture from another friend Angela
who was in a different car and had also arrived separately.
I started frantically texting...
Where are y'all?
I'm on the way!!!!
  It must have been funny to other antiquing fans,
a middle aged woman running through Blue Hills as if her hair was on fire.
I stopped at the door of the tent they told me to go to and took a deep breath,
already in line of sight at what can only be described as
Asian inspired furniture heaven.
Only it was in the middle of the Texas farm country...
no lie
the fields around Round Top
and a rainbow to boot.
Heaven indeed.
As was this little slice of heaven by Red Egg...

My friend Laura was patiently waiting on me,
smiling like she had found the holy grail.
Because she had :)
We were greeted by the booth owner Carol.
She was so lovely I can't even tell you.
Now let me tell you that when I'm happy or excited I tend to talk fast.
I saw the furniture and accents she had and I was just goofy giddy.
I told her about looking all day for the perfect chair for my new office.
Laura, the best-est peep ever, told Carol about my blog,
about how I was dreaming and scheming of a new business venture.
Laura is seriously the best thing since sliced bread.
I tried to put the kibosh on her,
telling her to stop because I'm sure Carol didn't want to hear it
and how my blog was tiny compared to most.
{that's a whole separate post by the way...

Carol stopped me in my tracks and kindly said...
If your friend wants to beam about you and your dreams you should let her :)
She's your best form of advertising.
So I blushed while Laura, my new VP of PR, told her my story.
I asked Carol how she got started in the furniture business.
She shared her story with me,
how she took some things she bought and collected
while working overseas in Asia and sold them at a show like Round Top.
She wasn't sure if the items would sell but she took a chance
figuring she'd take them to a flea market if things didn't work out.
She sold out immediately and knew she was onto something.
I seriously got chills while she was talking.
I just love that Carol took a chance and went for it.

The chance she took seventeen years ago grew into her company called red egg.
I knew I wasn't leaving her tent empty handed.
The deal was sealed when Laura ushered me over to a red egg table.
She didn't say anything, rather just pointed to the label.
The table was from a line by red egg called "double happiness."
Meet my new desk chair otherwise known as the Indochine side chair...

via red egg

 or as I fondly call it - my red egg chair :)
Carol also told us the inspiration behind her company name...
in Chinese culture red is the color of prosperity and fortune
and eggs signify birth or a new start.
To me it couldn't get any better than this

 Ok...the desk is in, the paint is on the wall.
We have light and some artwork and now a place to sit.
I'm wrapping up the last big part of my ORC puzzle.
Here's a little sneak peek for week 6...

 Thanks for stopping by to check on my progress.
I feel like I'm about to run a marathon to get the last minute details done.
Wish me luck :)
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  1. What a great day of shopping . . . one that has a good story! Love your chair, and I also like the white ones with the circle backs.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love me some Blue Hills and love your story!

  3. Love a great chippendale chair! I am in love with the green ones! Can't wait to see it come together for you on Thursday.

  4. Clicked over from today's post to see your chair. I know the red egg and Carol from shopping Round Top. She had wonderful things! Love your chair!


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