Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I think its official...

As well as being addicted to
{in no particular order}:
 hair care products
lip gloss and lip balms
ok, beauty product junkie in general
blue and white double happiness porcelain...
 I think its safe to say that we can add pillow hoarder to this list.
It started in late summer when I finally ordered these
from Martha and Ash for our little bedroom reno...


I love them with the new drapes and my old Chiang Mai pillows.
Guess we gotta add Chiang Mai to the obsession list.
I now have three different colorways of it working in the house.
And because I love imperial trellis I was debating about whether to add a few
Euro sized pillows or a bed scarf of it to our bed but held off.

Then I saw these...
Hubba hubba.
I've seen these on One Kings Lane  and on a few other sites too.
Then I saw them on
Where they were a little bit less.
Plus free shipping.
One problem.
While I contemplated they sold out.
Dang it.
I signed up for an email alert if they ever came back into stock.
Sometimes when you snooze you lose.
In fact the whole reason I stumbled on these pillows was because
I had my eye on a game table for like ever on overstock.
I'd been hoping to find a square one in Round Top to no avail.
{I sold the oval barley twist table I found in the spring since it didn't fit the room right.}
Then one night my husband said will you just order the game table already?
He was afraid it would sell out and although it was more than I wanted to pay
it was the right size and shape for our room.
So I did one last search before pulling the trigger.
Glad I did.
I found it on for $200 less.
And I may have thrown this in my basket too...
one of these in navy to try it out in the family room.

Its down filled and nice size for under $25.
I'm thinking I might need more.
It looks lonely below doesn't it?

Or is that just the junkie in me talking?
Right after the navy pillow and table arrived I got a little email alert.
Guess what was back in stock?


I was on these like white on rice and quickly ordered two.
It was my birthday month I told myself.
And its easier to ask for forgiveness than it is permission.
I originally thought I'd put them in our bedroom 
but when they arrived I put them on the sofa in my husbands office
until I could take them upstairs...

 I'm thinking they may stay here.
That's the new game table I scored by the way.
The table top flips and you can play like seven different games on it.
Its awesome as are these pillows...they're 22 inches and came with down inserts.
I think its safe to say that besides pillows
my newest obsession is



  1. Those blacka and white pillows look fabulous on the leather sofa! Love them!

  2. I am a pillow lover too. Love the ones you picked out! Have a great week.


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