Saturday, November 7, 2015

when i loved him least

This post isn't about decorating or deals.
Forgive me if that's what you're here for.

I know I kid about my husband sometimes.
That his favorite word is budget.
I think a lot of times I joke about him
because I don't want anyone to know
how truly spectacular he really is.
The list of superlatives to describe him is long and worthy.
I'm pretty sure I loved him before I knew him.
I'd heard about him from friends and neighbors
long before I ever met him.
We had a mutual friend whose extended family
had gotten to know the hubs over the years.
Everyone that knew him loved him.
I listened to their stories about him and every time they'd end one with
"you two would be perfect for each other."
I just laughed it off and said there was one problem with that.
The phrase "from Texas" and the thousand miles between us.
I heard this for a year.
Then one day, fifteen years ago this past week, he visited our mutual friend.
I remember the instant I first saw him.
It was in my rear view mirror.
I was in my car leaving and he was arriving from the airport.
I thought huh...that must be him.
The famous friend from Texas.
I just grinned and figured we'd meet later.
Sure enough we did.
I lived in a little carriage house at the time
behind a big stately antebellum mansion in Savannah.
Our mutual friend lived in "the big house" with me in the little house.
It was a safe place to land after I went through the big D.
Our mutual friend had a little garden that I would putter in.
Which is where I first met my husband.
As the two of them returned from visiting neighbors.
I was watering the plants as he wandered through the garden,
up the stairs of the back porch,
hands in pockets and all serious,
 looking down at the ground.
He was the shy one at first.
We were officially introduced and they went inside.
I stood there watering geraniums.
{yes, they bloom in November in the deep South}
In my head I put my first name with his last name.
Yes, that'll do just fine.
You see I already knew I was going to marry him.

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It took him a little while longer ;)
One year later to that day he got down on bended knee to ask me to marry him.
He was worth the wait.
I wish in some ways we had met earlier
but neither one of us was ready for the other.
It was worth every broken heart that came before him.
Every mistake on the road to find him was a lesson
I look back on now in complete thankfulness.
As hard as some lessons were to experience,
I learned through every one of them.
Fifteen years and three babies later
he continues to surprise me
with his selflessness and patience.
For what comes naturally to him
I humbly admit is work for me.
I honestly don't know what I did to deserve him.
I think back now to that day fifteen years ago
and I know without a doubt that
that was the day I loved him least.
Because every day since
 I love him more than the day before.


  1. Ditto! A sweet love story indeed!
    I too have a similar love story... 33 years and going strong.
    Forever grateful!
    I love all your stories!

    1. Hi Terry {or is it with an "I" instead} thanks for your kind words. I hope you'll share your love story one day on your blog :) cant wait to hear it.


  2. Beautiful story, beautifully written!
    You made me teary eyed!

    I have often thought my husband was worth all the mistake and broken hearts too.
    I don't think I would have liked my husband in his college years and I
    know he would not have even noticed me. Sometimes you have to grow into yourself
    and become you before you are ready for the one.


    1. Hi Tery :) you're so sweet. seriously :) they were definitely worth the broken road we had to take to find them ;) happy anniversary to you too :)

  3. Beautiful and so well written straight from your heart. A lovely love story.

    1. thank you thank you thank you :) he is my heart :)


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