Thursday, December 10, 2015

a few of my favorite things

Hanukah is already here and Christmas is quickly approaching.
Just like Thanksgiving I'm not quite ready but I'm trying.
The UPS and mail carrier guys are like my new best friends.
In case you're behind the eight ball like me and
you need a couple of gift ideas for you or yours
herewith are a few of my most recent favorite things...

For the gardener in your life...

I've been stalking these for a while.
Chevron planters.
They're on clearance now for a set of two
plus through today you can get an extra 12% off
with the code "SAVE12" and free shipping from hayneedle.
These may be on their way to my house.
Especially because they remind me of this...

via Southern Living

my most favorite door of all time.
My porch is getting a little mini makeover in time for the New Year. :)

For the art lover...

One of my favorite bloggers Lucy Williams
posted some pics of her original art work this week
that had me at hello...

If you have any blank wall space you need one of her paintings stat.
Color = happiness in my book.

For the music lover...

for a new twist on Christmas music
I picked up December by Chris Botti...

I put it on last night as I helped my guys with homework
and even they were moving to the music.
Its lovely and the perfect background party music.
Just saying.

For the beauty product junkie in your life
I'm telling you It Cosmetics is where its at.
I'm addicted to their lip serum glosses.
Ulta had a deal on Cyber Monday that I couldn't pass up.
I may have snapped up one of every color.
This time of year is the perfect time to stock up on their gift sets like these...


You get my drift.
Marvelous multiples.

For the techie in your life...

I'm obsessed with the Ring doorbell.
Read about it here but in a nutshell
somebody rings your bell and you get notified on your smart phone.
You can set it up to detect motion too at which point you'll also get a ping.
Even when you're not home.
I told a friend about it and he got one.
He is kind of hysterical in his use of it.
For instance some teenagers may have been on their front porch
discussing their plans for the night.
He got an alert on his phone
{because he has it programmed for motion too}
he sees them on the screen, presses a button on his phone,
and scares the you know what out of them with a big
"HEY! What are y'all doing? What's going on?"
I can't wait to do this to my kids ;)
I tried to score one from Sam's online but they sold out immediately.
Costco has them right now for under retail
but I'd like a certain color which they didn't have.
I might just bite the bullet and order one from the manufacturer
but I'm hoping they show up in store locally
while the seasons' sales are still going on.

Lastly for the exercise lover...

I told you I recently downloaded a workout video
from Hilliard Studio Method...


I did it for the first time last week and I was shaking.
It was so good.
I watched it the first time without doing anything.
It looked easy peasy...or so I thought.
Then I followed along with the weights.
Completely do-able.
You feel it but in a good way.
I got the one titled "hot flash hottie"...
I mean how can you resist that name?
My plan is to do this one until its easy-ish and then get another.
The instruction is fantastic and she gives alternatives and goals to work up to.
Best part is you can travel with it if you choose to download it to your devices.
Loves it.

Any good gifts you want to share?
Leave me a note below.
I love finding new products ;)


  1. That doorbell thingamabob is awesome!
    Going to look it up now! - Thanks.

    1. I cant wait to get one! hope you have a happy Christmas!

  2. Where was that doorbell when my girls were teenagers????? Hysterical.

    1. I'm just glad they weren't around when I was a teenager ;)

  3. That dorebell thing sounds dangerous. I agree with LKJ would have loved one when my kids were young! Great round up of gifts!

    1. Thanks Cindy ;) i think it will come in handy to watch for packages arriving from my BFFs Mr. FedEx and Mr. UPS :)

  4. Remember when Chris dated Katie Couric? He really is a dream! Love your tips and the art is so happy. Happy almost!

    1. i do indeed remember that! if i ever need a phone a friend for trivial pursuit i'm calling you!

  5. I remember when Chris dated Katie Couric. He is so handsome. Great gift suggestions. Have a wonderful holiday, Nancy!

    1. he's pretty easy on the eyes isn't he ;) his music is dreamy. hope you have a happy Christmas!


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