Thursday, December 3, 2015

house in the 'hood

This is a test.
I updated my browser the other day.
Weird stuff happened when I last posted.
You know I'm technically challenged but trying.
Right now as I type there's big yellow warning box above my post
telling me the browser I just updated to may result in unexpected behavior.
That probably explains the weird random repost you may have gotten on email
and wondered to yourself what in the world is wrong with Nancy.
I was scratching my head at that one too.
So let's try a short little post shall we and see what happens next.

Herewith my most favorite recent house in the 'hood...


 If I told you that I would lay on the floor and look up all day I know you'd believe me.
I like seeing what builders are using right now.
Different is good right?
You don't see too many curved walls in kitchens, at least I haven't...

The kitchen opens into the family room...

I love the fireplace...taking notes as our fireplace surround is on my re-do radar.

The dining room is to the left as you enter the home.
Looks like a butler pantry pass through to your right...

and a formal living room or study to the right of the entry...

and the powder room...

I love the way it looks but my OCD says it wouldn't be fun to keep clean.

There were only a handful of pictures on
I wish there were more.
And no real picture descriptions to boot
so I'm guessing this is the game room upstairs ...

and if that is true then I'm assuming that this is the master...

with the master bath en suite...

 I'll leave you with a picture of the front.
I'm not always a fan of stucco designs but this had me at hello.

Wish me luck.
I'm hitting publish.
Let's see what happens...

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  1. My brother built a house that I featured on my blog earlier this week that also has rustic wood ceilings. It's so beautiful and warm looking. I love this house! Thanks for the tour.

  2. Yeah! It worked! I was wondering what the heck happened. Knew it wasn't you!

    I love this house! I would lay on the floor and stare at that ceiling too. Beautiful!


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