Friday, January 22, 2016

current state of mind

Not sure if I told you this before
but my husband and I -
we're big nerds.
So much so that every year end
we write down goals for the new year.
We may not make the deadline exactly
but slowly but surely we get stuff done.
Except this year we only talked about a list.
As in we need to write our list.
But honestly I think my husband said it all
when he declared to the kids and I
that this year,
was going to be all about thankfulness.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

three things I'm obsessed with

You know I'm a sucker for a little hint of leopard print,
particularly when it comes on a shoe.
I saw these before the break while I was shopping for gifts
and they may have found their way into my cart.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

gray hair dont care

I've ranted and raged about how I've been going gray for far too long.
Since I was a teenager.
Weird but true.
Gotta love genetics.
I started getting my hair professionally dyed in my twenties.
Depending on my hairstylist the colors have varied.
I've destroyed most photographic proof of the crazy colors its been.
Not sure what I was thinking at the time.
If at all ;)
There was a long while where I stopped having it "done" at a salon.
I'd buy a box of whatever at the grocery and do it myself.
Ten bucks and done.
Love it!
I still do it but I admit I need some help.
Sadly my arms are no longer Gumby like to reach the back of my head
and my eyes can't always see where the dye needs to go.
Well, that and I can't keep up with the grays.
There's too many.
My lovely hairstylist Marie guesstimated that if I stopped coloring
I would be seventy percent gray.
Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?
Now I love women with gray hair.
I do.
But I'm not ready to leave my brown hair behind just yet.
I have Marie touch up my roots every month or so.
Then about two or three weeks after she does it
I wake up and suddenly it would seem
there's a raccoon staring back at me in the morning mirror
with a big gray racing stripe down the part in my hair.
Anybody else?
Here's where I do one of two things...
grab a bottle of hair dye
or use a temporary wash out color stick of some sort.
I was telling Marie about my dye dilemmas,
kind of cautiously,
since I didn't want to offend her.
She just laughed and suggested I try a product she'd heard about from a friend.
I put it on my list of things to do.
A few days later Marie called and sweetly said
she'd picked up a can for me to try.
I know!
She's a doll and boy am I glad she did.
This stuff is the bom-diggity...

You spray it on like hair spray.
Best part is not only does it cover your gray
it seriously makes you look like you have more hair.
Ladies of a certain age - you know what I'm talking about.
Under 40s you may not get this but over 40? -> I got your back!
Just like eyebrow hair tends to become sparse
so might the hair on your head.
This spray is like magic in a can.
I've haven't tried their other products
but if they are anything like Root Concealer I'm sold!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

what's new

I don't know about you
I for one
am beyond ecstatic
to leave last year behind.
See ya.
Buh-bye 2015!
Welcome 2016.
I've got a new attitude :)
Let's do this...

Santa found us and the boys were beyond thrilled.
I let go of my OCD and let everything,
every book, every toy, every game
sit wherever it found its resting spot,
to remain for a week.
I looked at light sabers poking out from under the sofas
and hot wheels raceways attached to the breakfast table
and would halfway roll my eyes,
knowing that one day I'll miss the chaos.
So I just let it be.
That was work y'all.
Resisting the urge to tidy.
We spent New Years Day decluttering
and gathering things to donate to a friends' sister
who works with a refugee group here in Houston.
That's one of our themes for the new year...
letting go...
keeping only what we love and use
or finding a new home for things we know
could be used better by others.
I can't wait for 40 bags in 40 days.
Would it be wrong to start before Lent?
Maybe I'll do a double dose?
We'll see.
I'm just ready to lighten up with less stuff.
In the meantime
I'm happy to report that all holiday décor is put away.
High five and Holla!
The holiday break from school and activities was long but perfect.
It was bittersweet sending them to school today
but who's kidding who?
I'm ready to get stuff done around here.
First up a little laundry room reno is in the works.
Its been on our to do list for years.
I think in 2016 we just might make it a reality :)
What about you?
What are your goals for this year?

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