Thursday, January 14, 2016

three things I'm obsessed with

You know I'm a sucker for a little hint of leopard print,
particularly when it comes on a shoe.
I saw these before the break while I was shopping for gifts
and they may have found their way into my cart.

You know they're mine.
The hubs has seen them so there is no denying it.
And I'm obsessed with them.
They are beyond comfortable and super chic with jeans and a tshirt
{aka my daily uniform}
Best part is that they're on clearance for under forty smacks.
You're welcome.

With a name like "Hot Flash Hottie" how could I pass it up?
I already got the hot flash part down pat, my "hottie" just needs some work.
{will come back to this thought in a whole other post}
I mean look at these ladies from Hilliard Studio Method...

but in a nutshell this is a mom and daughter dynamic duo
who combine weights, barre, and non-impact exercise
in a way that is challenging but doable.
Liz the mom is on the left in the picture above
and her daughter Clary to the right.
I know.
Enough said.
I'm obsessed with their exercises and this video.
I was reminded of just how much when I got an email from
a very sweet reader named Shirley who asked me 
how I liked the video because she was contemplating buying it herself.
This was my response to Shirley...

"Thanks for reading my blog and for your kind email.
I love the hot flash hottie.
I'll admit I watched it through the first time
without doing any of them exercises
and thought It looked easy peasy.
But girl let me tell you after the first time I actually did it
my legs were trembling. it works!
And it's not easy but it is doable I think.
Just be careful with the foot placement like she says
and work up to it if you're new to exercise.
She offers alternatives like not going up on your tippy toes
( or what she calls balance.) while you're doing arm weights.
I was doing all the balance stuff and had to ease back on
now only partially doing stuff up on balance
bc i started having trouble for the first mile or so when I run now.
At first I thought my plantar fasciitis was coming back
but then I figured out it was bc the video is working and changing my legs :)
and using new little muscles that I guess never worked before :)
So I roll out my calves at night (I should've been doing it all along)
and I alternate it with some other DVDs I do (tracy Anderson)
but I do hot flash hottie two or three times a week.
I've noticed nice changes in my arms and core especially.
I still have to take breaks during the leg portion
because I can't do all the reps continuously
but like she says in the video just work to your edge
and push to do one more since that's where according to her you change your body.
I hope so. I'm trying any way :)  I'll get there one day :)  
so in sum yes I love love love hot flash hottie.
If it ever becomes "easy" I would buy another one from them in a heartbeat."
And I would indeed.

Another thing I mentioned in my favorite things post in December
was my love for It Cosmetics makeup.
And yes I'm still obsessed with them especially their lip glosses.
Shirley also shared in her email that she and her daughters love them now too
and Lauren of Simply LKJ said she does too!
I used to have a drawer full of lip balms, lip sticks, colored lip balm sticks,
I think you get the picture.
In case you don't here's a better one that my youngest drew of me
with his new 90 piece art set courtesy of one of our dear friends.
It may help you understand my hoarding of lip products problem...

In case you don't know me in real life...
yes, the lips are real.
{but not as big as he made them out to be ;)}
I was teased mercilessly growing up.
Now days women pay to have lips done.
Yes, I have big lips and I cannot lie.
Does that line not remind you of a certain song from the 80s?
If you go around humming "I like big butts and I cannot lie"
I apologize now in advance.

And instead of three things for Thursday
let's make it an early five for Friday...
I was able to score myself a Ring doorbell for Christmas.
I ordered it from Sams Club and had planned on installing it myself.
Because you know I know how to "you tube videos"
and I'm not afraid to do it.
Well, I was because the video said turn off the power first
and honestly I'm not one to play around when it comes to electricity.
So I was going to call the electrician.
I mean I did.
But his waiting list was like two miles long.
A friends husband said theirs was easy peasy to install.
So brilliant me gets my drill out and decides to go for it.
Until the drill bit got stuck in the brick
and long story short I burnt a few fingers
while fighting to get said drill bit out of the side of my house.
Just shake your head here
and I'll spare you the sad details.
It was one of those pitiful DIY moments that could have become
a you tube "don't do this" sensation.
I feel vindicated however because after I burnt my fingers to the crisp
I called my husband at work.
You know, to soften the blow when he got home
and saw big divets in the brick on the porch.
Minus the old doorbell.
His first reaction is go show our friend and neighbor
who could then drive me to the ER if need be.
A couple of band aids and some Neosporin later
our friend volunteers to help me finish drilling the holes.
Only he too created a big divet himself at which time
he smartly said I'm sorry I think you should call a professional.
So I did.
Which turned out to be the best money ever spent for its future DIY payoff.
When Hector arrived and surveyed the damage on the porch
I could tell what he was thinking...
"what dummy did this?" his eyes said.
I immediately jumped in with
"yeah! can you believe what my husband did to our brick?
God love him.
He tries so hard!
You gotta love that about him don't you?"
I'm not sure Hector believed me but he very sweetly
showed me the little dial on our drill
that apparently you have to twist to the picture of
what looks like a hammer
when you're trying to drill into brick.
He was like "yeah, that was your, I mean, your "husband's" problem.
'He' was on the wrong drill setting for brick.
Just for future reference, if you ever try this kind of thing again
I thought I'd let you know."
It was worth the burnt fingers to snag that pearl of wisdom.
The Ring is up and working I'm happy to say.
I've been able to see packages delivered when I'm not home
and to avoid a door to door salesman when I was home.
Plus I just got an email from Ring about a new product
they're launching next month...
home security cameras that are weather proof,
can be mounted virtually anywhere,
and work with your Ring system and app
to help keep you and your property safe
whether you're home or not.
I'm digging all this new technology especially when it comes to safety.

My fifth and last obsession for today is also a techy product
which I find somewhat hilarious because you know
I consider myself technically challenged
but I'm trying!
Over the holidays and wouldn't you know it
right when the temperatures here
went from balmy and low 80s
to chilly in the 30s
one of our thermostats died.
As in no Bueno.
I'd seen ads for the Nest learning thermostat
and somehow managed to talk my husband into getting one.
Let me tell you I'm in love with the Nest.
If that's wrong I don't want to be right.
I even installed ours myself.
High five baby doll.
A DIY score for me!
And yes there's a video on how to do it
with using the Nest.
I wasn't completely sure and what is brilliant is that
you can email a picture of your wiring to them
and they'll respond with a wiring diagram
so that even moi can do it.
Its still learning our patterns
but I have to say that I'm loving the app
because you can adjust the temperature
while you're away if you forget to do it before you leave home
or even if you're all snuggly in your warm bed
just grab your phone and turn it down before you drift off
or warm it up before you have to hop up to start your day.
If I can figure this out you can too.
You might even check with your electricity provider
because some offer programs with incentives just for using the Nest.
Our provider does although sadly I didn't realize this until we bought ours.
No worries.
I'm happy we went with it.
Plus my kids think we're cool for having such cool gadgets in the house.
Who knew a thermostat could increase your cred with your kid?
Now you know.

Ok y'all.
Whatever you do today, do it with all your heart.
And if you have any favorite obsessions let me know below...
I'm always happy to expand my horizons ;)


  1. Love the shoes! Just might have to order a pair. And, I really need that video too. And yes, still love It Cosmetics. Best lip gloss eva!!

  2. You crack me up...I would have done the same thing with the brick!

  3. This was hilarious! Love the shoes...need the video..probably won't do it...and I love the Nest isn't it the greatest?!!


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