Tuesday, January 5, 2016

what's new

I don't know about you
I for one
am beyond ecstatic
to leave last year behind.
See ya.
Buh-bye 2015!
Welcome 2016.
I've got a new attitude :)
Let's do this...

Santa found us and the boys were beyond thrilled.
I let go of my OCD and let everything,
every book, every toy, every game
sit wherever it found its resting spot,
to remain for a week.
I looked at light sabers poking out from under the sofas
and hot wheels raceways attached to the breakfast table
and would halfway roll my eyes,
knowing that one day I'll miss the chaos.
So I just let it be.
That was work y'all.
Resisting the urge to tidy.
We spent New Years Day decluttering
and gathering things to donate to a friends' sister
who works with a refugee group here in Houston.
That's one of our themes for the new year...
letting go...
keeping only what we love and use
or finding a new home for things we know
could be used better by others.
I can't wait for 40 bags in 40 days.
Would it be wrong to start before Lent?
Maybe I'll do a double dose?
We'll see.
I'm just ready to lighten up with less stuff.
In the meantime
I'm happy to report that all holiday décor is put away.
High five and Holla!
The holiday break from school and activities was long but perfect.
It was bittersweet sending them to school today
but who's kidding who?
I'm ready to get stuff done around here.
First up a little laundry room reno is in the works.
Its been on our to do list for years.
I think in 2016 we just might make it a reality :)
What about you?
What are your goals for this year?


  1. No specific plans, but I love the fresh, new beginnings!

    1. I love your new blog changes too! Looks fantastic!


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