Wednesday, February 24, 2016

house in the 'hood

This house in the 'hood
is not in our actual 'hood like my regular series
but rather in what we think of 
as our future neighborhood,
Palmetto Bluff, SC.
In case you've never heard of it
its a community near both
Bluffton and Hilton Head, SC.
Its a magical place to say the least.
I can't explain it but its true.
I think most people find their way
to the real estate office before the end of their first trip to PB.
If you ever go don't say I didn't warn you. ;)
We came close to buying a second home there this past summer,
like this {} close... 
but that's another story for another day.
Today let's enjoy this house in the 'hood
from near where I come from...

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I recognized this house immediately 
a few years ago with our friends
who are friends of the owners.
I love seeing how it is now fully built and decorated.

I'll spare you the commentary.
You know I love the ceiling, the floors,
the wall of doors that fold open to bring the outside in...
 the doorway you see leads to the master suite...

 The view.
 This hallway leads to the stairwell 
and on to the master suite area...

The floors are perfection in my eyes.

This is the definition of room with a view...
 Adding heated towel rack to my master bath dream list...
 Two of the secondary bedrooms...

 I'll be copying this storage cabinet
between the sinks
for the boys bathroom in our future build...

Back downstairs is one of my favorite rooms...

Heck, who am I kidding?
They're all my favorite...

The back porch is the place I'd always be...
its like the best of both worlds,
outside, ceiling fans, and screened against gnats.
Plus there's even an outdoor kitchen...

I'm actually ok with the sign above if that means I don't have to cook or clean up...
Nope, I could sit right here outside the zone
and be as happy as a clam...
 or perhaps down closer to the water
beside the requisite fire pit...
This view is why I named my blog 
always in a southern state of mind...
reminds me of nearby Savannah where I grew up.
 Here's a better view of the outdoor kitchen attached to the garage...
 above which is a sweet guest suite...
I'd be afraid house guests would never leave :)
I know I wouldn't.

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  1. Gorgeous! The floors are beautiful and they look reclaimed. How dreamy! I also love that wood clad ceiling in the family room.

  2. Love that community, too. And that house is gorgeous. Marsh views are in my future, just don't know when.

  3. Nancy... at last you have a picture of yourself on the blog. You are adorable. Love your hair. Did you follow The Enchanted Home? Tina is building a house in Palmetto Bluff and I am sure it will be gorgeous. Love this house and it sounds like a beautiful place to live. Have a great weekend!


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