Monday, February 22, 2016

my {not so new} favorite place to shop...

Hope you all had a happy weekend.
We definitely did.
We went to The Sound of Music 
then had dinner with some framily.
{friends who have become family to us.}
If you're in Houston and hear someone randomly belt out
"A few of my favorite things" or
"Climb Every Mountain"
chances are it will be me or one my kids.
Highly recommend.
The musical.
Not my singing :)

I've been working on my annual 
40 bags in 40 days clean-out.
I think you would be proud of me.
It took me nearly a week to go through my closet.
Not because I have so much stuff
but because I have issues ;)
I admit I've kept a lot of items over the years
because of the memories that were tied to them.
But then last month when I donated my wedding dress
{to a charity that makes burial gowns for infants}
I figured if I can let go of that 
then it was time to let go of everything else
that doesn't fit or makes me uncomfortable.
Life's too short to wear clothes that make you think thoughts like
I cant wait to get home and get out of this {fill in the blank}.
Can I get an amen?
So I tried on every shirt, every dress, every skirt
and moved everything that is leaving to other side of the closet.
I'd say I got rid of at least half my stuff.
High five y'all.
Now to be honest and say I bought some new dresses.
Don't judge.
You know I have a big Greek wedding to attend soon.
I've been looking for a dress to wear.
I've looking online because I'm not a fan of slugging it out at the Galleria.
Not my cup of tea.
So I figured I'd peruse online at stores like Nordstrom
and if I found something I like
then I'd just run in one day to the actual store
and try it on and grab it.
Makes sense right?
Well, you know how retailers and internet providers 
creepily keep up with your searches right?
So I started getting little pop-ups for dresses I'd been looking at.
Then one day I'm looking at running shoes on amazon
{great tip by the way if you are a fan of a particular running shoe...
sign up for shoe emails and they'll send you coupon deals}
and low and behold I notice a pop up 
for some wrap dresses I'd been looking at on Nordstrom.
Not for the wedding mind you
 but because I'm easily distracted 
while online shopping :)
So sucker that I am
I get to clicking around
and I stop square in my tracks 
when I see dresses I'd been watching 
at Nordstrom a few months back,
waiting for them to go on sale.
I didn't catch them in time at Nordstrom
and they were no longer available.
Because guess where they were?
Apparently on their way to amazon.
I scored a bunch of wrap dresses
{I love the style and its an easy go to for Sunday mornings
when I'm running around like a mad woman
trying to rally and dress our crew for church}.
All of them were under...
wait for it...

{note: this one has been marked up by 50% since i bought it last week...not sure why}

I almost bought this one but they dont have it in my size...

The other ones I scored are sold out but check out this one for $40...

You get my drift.
Amazon is my new go to.
Just play around with the search features to find your style and price point.
I also selected as my seller of choice
so that I could get free shipping and free returns
because of my prime membership.
I read the reviews on the dresses I liked 
and paid attention to sizing info from other reviewers.
Miraculously everything I scored fit perfectly 
but I was happy knowing I could return anything that didn't.
Once again amazon amazes me.
Prime is worth every penny in my opinion.
Ok...gotta get back to maintenance Monday y'all.
Mountains of laundry await.
This week I know just the perfect song to sing while I work ;)
It goes something like this..."climb ev-ry mountain..."
Make it a great Monday!


  1. Aren't you smart! I love wrap dresses too. They are so flattering.

    1. amazon has everything doesn't it? if i ordered my groceries from them it would be the only store i need. ;)

  2. Ok-
    I am about to go down the rabbit hole-
    You are a GREAT salesman.
    I am off to see if Amazon has Eileen Fisher linen tunic shirts in hot colors that I can wear with white boyfriend jeans.
    Don't you love the internet?


    Diane Furstenberg knew what she was doing when she created wrap dresses.

    1. you're so funny! let me know what you find!

  3. Amazon for clothes? I've never thought to look there. I'm not sure why, I buy just about everything else there! The dresses are beautiful!

    1. i know right?! who knew? i know my UPS guys by first name thanks to amazon deliveries. i buy everything there too except for groceries and even then they have two hour delivery in our area now so maybe i should look into that as well? its one of my least favorite things to do. woot woot!

  4. Just found your blog via "Preppy Empty Nester" happy I did! Wow, good for you in landing some great deals! So jealous!


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