Saturday, March 19, 2016

life lessons in one song

First off I'd like to wish my sister and her husband 
{who is truly like the brother I never had}
a very happy anniversary.
They celebrated twenty years of marriage this week.
Marriage is hard work even between two perfect partners
and these two are exactly that.
Congratulations and here's to many more happy years. ;)
I hope its ok to share that he planned and saved for over a year
to surprise her with a new wedding band and upgraded engagement ring
since they were young and broke fiscally challenged
when they first got married.
I know.
He's a keeper especially because he knows how lucky he is to have her :)
Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds.
{Can't wait to see y'all in June.}

Some of you may know that I love country music.
As a matter of fact around the time I started this blog
my favorite tune at the time {and to this day} was 
It reminded me so much of my roots and where I come from
that when I considered blog names
I couldn't think of anything better to sum up who I was.
I know I'm not alone in this feeling
because I've seen various versions of the same name
associated with other blogs started since then.
Music speaks to us all
and puts feelings into words we cannot sometimes express.
I heard a new to me Tim McGraw song for the first time this week
and man, I have to tell you,
this song is everything.
Its like a summary of life lessons in one song.
You know I know how to use picmonkey ;)
and I'm not afraid to make a quote box 
so here are the beautiful lyrics...

I heard this and had to stop driving because it touched my soul
and made the tears fall like rain from my eyes.
It sounded like a love letter written from my heart to my boys.
I predict it will be the song of the year,
probably in more than just the "country" genre
if it crosses over and gets airplay like it should.
Just saying.
Do yourself a favor and watch  the video here
Then find a way to be kind and pass it on.
Happy Saturday y'all. 


  1. Oh wow. 5 very powerful words. Need to print those out as a reminder. The last image, the age progression really got me.

  2. Wow!! Love the words!! I'm going to watch the video now. Hope you have a great weekend, Nancy.

  3. Oh my. How beautiful.
    It is very early in the morning, I have my coffee nearby, and I am crying- in a good way.
    Thank you.


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