Tuesday, March 8, 2016

my first big beautiful Greek wedding

Hope y'all are having a fantastic start to the week.
Over the weekend my friend Rena's daughter Kara got married
in THE most beautiful wedding I've ever attended.
I'd never been to a Greek wedding before
and I have to say that for future weddings 
the bar is now set incredibly high...

The church, the ceremony,
the food, the flowers, the cakes,
you name it, it was beyond gorgeous.
I told Rena to expect some calls asking her to be a wedding planner.

Kara and her new husband Alec laughing on the dance floor...

Their love was so sweet to witness.
This picture does not do her justice.
She looked like a brunette version of Grace Kelly.

I think my favorite part of the night was the toast by Kara's dad Mike.
He began with the fact that he and Rena were married 
in the same church 33 years ago last month.
He went on to say how they wanted children of their own,
both having looked up to their own wonderful parents.
But it was not an easy road to parenthood for them.
Which is where I started crying.
He said they tried for years.
After their last attempt with IVF didn't work,
although obviously disappointed
he got this sense of peace about him and 
they started the adoption paperwork process immediately.
Three weeks later he got a phone call from their adoption agency
asking about a home inspection visit.
Sure, let me get with my wife and let's set something up for next week he told the caller.
The person from the agency said how about tonight?
{insert wide eyed emoji here}
Indeed the inspection happened that same night. 
The very next day they got another call from the adoption agency.
Their daughter had been born,
the daughter they were always meant to have.
At this point you could the whole room sniffling back tears.
It reminds me of one of my favorite song lyrics
"God blessed the broken road that led me straight to you."
Listening to Mike tell this story from his heart to his daughter on her wedding day
was such a tender, beautiful moment in life I won't soon forget.

Another memorable moment from the reception 
involved a little mishap on the dance floor.
Let me set the scene...
Rena put me and her running peeps at two tables
right next to the band and dance floor.
Now that I think about it
we were right next to the bar too.
Because she knows how we roll ;)
Plus she's the hostess with the mostess.
At one point the band took a break
so our group sat down while
a number of people got up to dance traditional Greek dances.
It was during this dance that a couple of us noticed
a beautiful lady on the dance floor was having
 a zipper malfunction on the back of her dress.
The zipper ran all the way from top to bottom
but had worked its way up and undone to her waist line.
My friend Joyce thunked me on the shoulder 
to go save her since I was closer to her.
So I ran over to her with my dinner napkin
and said hey, there's a problem with your dress,
my name is Nancy,
I'm here to help you get to the bathroom 
so we're just going to walk together this way OK?
Then our friend Laura comes running up 
with the shawl wrap I'd brought with me.
Not only are they fun but my peeps are all fast on their feet!
We make it to the restroom and I help her into a stall.
In the meantime someone she knows comes in.
They start chatting and the friend says 
"better you than me!" 
Not what you say when someone is embarrassed.
So I'm standing there outside the stalls
shaking my head
and I hear the friend say
"so it was a little girl that told you?"
and the zipper lady said
"no, no, she was in her thirties..."
{insert wide eyed emoji here}
Hot damn, she thinks I look like I'm still in my 30's.
High five baby!
Another nice memory from the night.
Seriously though...
these musings from Saturday night remind me 
that there are ups and downs in life,
no matter who we are or what we do.
Sometimes you may not understand the "why" 
of what you're going through at the moment
but I personally believe if God leads you to it
then He will lead you through it.
He'll send you the people you need in your life,
a partner, a baby, a friend, 
{or sometimes a stranger like me},
maybe not always when you want or expect,
but always at the right time,
in His perfect timing,
exactly when you need it most.
This I believe with all my heart.
My first big beautiful Greek wedding was proof.


  1. What an amazing wedding, couple, AND ceremony! Loved reading all about it! Appreciate you sharing!

    1. Hi April,
      Thanks for reading :) It was indeed amazing and I'm so honored to have been witness to it :)

  2. What a night! And what a story about how Kara came to join her family. Happy tears here reading about it. I love the R2D2 cake. Now that is some serious cake artistry!

    1. I know!!! The road to parenthood can be rocky and varied but I do believe we have the children we are meant to have :) some from our bodies, some from our hearts :)

  3. Nancy... you had me crying and then eeked out a few giggles thinking of the poor lady. Sounds like something that would happen to me. Sounds like a great time and I have a feeling you and your buds will remember this for years. Have a great week.

    1. There is no doubt ;) Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Its almost Friyay!!!


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