Thursday, March 10, 2016

powder puff

I'll be honest.
When zipper lady thought I was in my thirties the other night
immediately I thought it must have been my hair...
because I strategically had it cut, colored, and styled the afternoon of the wedding.
I ain't no dummy y'all...
I like to plan ahead :)
So as I'm sitting there in the chair waiting for the dye to do its thing
I started perusing pinterest and chatting away with my hip hairstylist Marie...

Turns out Marie and I both LOVE the work of Anh Co Tran.
My first appointment with Marie was this time last year,
right after our niece died.
I told Marie to cut all my hair off.
I'd been growing it out for over a year
but I've realized that in times of stress
I lop it all off.
God love her, Marie listened to me but she knew I was in a bad place.
She ignored my crazy and asked me to show her pictures
of hairstyles I liked so I showed her my pinterest board
and instead of cutting it all off as I begged her to do
she gave me a rockin' haircut last year inspired by this picture...

via  anh co tran

It was just what I needed.
Cute right?
Party in the front, business in the back.
So on Saturday afternoon she helped me kick it up a notch
and style it for the wedding.
I don't know about you but I'm all thumbs when it comes to hair tools.
Marie my hairstylist is aahh-mazing
and she graciously gave me some tips
to help me achieve the Anh Co Tran look...
think relaxed, effortless beachy chic waves...
so that I could try it at home later.
{Tried it yesterday...still sadly all thumbs.}
but in sum she alternated the direction of the curling iron
{watch the video with Anh and you'll understand...
I apparently need a remedial video for uber-beginners but I digress}
then at the end she used a crazy good new-to-me product
called Powder Puff by Kevin Murphy

instead of hairspray.
I know.
Take a minute to process that tidbit.
A powder that helps volumize and hold.
Crazy good like I said.
Its my new go to hair product.
You know I've been a fan of his for a few years
and my love for his stuff just got bumped up a bit.
Kind of like my hair :)
There's a link on Kevin Murphy's website to find a salon near you
or google it...I saw it available on different sites for purchase.
You just shake it on, tousle, and go.
You're welcome ;) 


  1. I think your hairdresser and my hairdresser are sisters. They have the same moves when it comes to the curling iron - I have one burn on my thumb and one on my ear and no beach waves. I wonder if that powder would help...

    1. high five on being all thumbs :) i do believe its one part great haircut, one part good product. i swear by pureology conditioner (purple bottle) which i truly think helps it behave :) then some mythic oil on wet hair, blow dry some of the excess moisture then use pureology mousse and after its all dry a couple of shakes of this powder. i'm loving the results.

  2. My "old" (used to be) hairdresser gave me a similar product to try a few years ago but it was like putting dirt on my hair....I love me some volume just not the dirt part (LOL)! Might have to give your recommendation a try though.

    1. ha! i think i remember a product actually called DIRT! ha! i like this stuff but i think the key is to use a little at a time. there is a tipping point where it feels blech (did that one time thinking more is better :)) so i just shake a little on then brush it through with my fingers. still loving it after ten days or so of use.

  3. The ongoing saga of my hair.
    I have tried talking to my daughters so much about my color, cut, frustration,
    and should I get highlights? ,they are DONE!

    I have found kindred spirits HERE- Katie, Judy, and YOU.

    1. high five Laura! you're my tribe. any time you want to talk about hair let me know, i'm your girl!

  4. I just bought some of that powder! It feels so gross in your hair but it sure works. Love that haircut of yours!

    1. i used too much once and it was yucky (but it still held and looked good, just felt gross ha!) so i started shaking on a little or shaking it into my hand first then putting through my hair (like my bangs) and that works for me now. i think there's a point of too much and that yields the yuck feeling. hope that helps :)

  5. hairspray??? (grinning and giggling)---never heard of such a thing...nice to meet you, I came over from Laura's blog. Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. hey Linda! thanks for popping over. this is brilliant technology for sure. i've never been a fan of hairspray. even the "best" ones dry my scalp and are too crunchy for my liking although there is one by Kenra that's pretty good. this is the best of both worlds in my humble opinion...holds and styles. loves it!

  6. Nancy, I don't know why I bother trying to figure out how to use hair tools and products; I am just all thumbs. I just shampoo, condition and blow dry in the most basic way (no tidy sections for me). Then I go sit in a highback chair with a big pillow behind my head, holding my hair down tight so I can avoid looking like a blonde Roseanne Roseannadanna!

    1. ha! hey Jean! I'm cracking up at the thought.I'll have to try that move when the houston humidity starts and my hair gets all up in arms :) thanks for stopping by :)

  7. My hair never, ever looks as good as it does the day I get it cut, (colored), and styled. I'm going to have to try this magical powder product! PS Love hair styles that are party in the front and business in the back.


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