Wednesday, March 23, 2016

what's up Wednesday

I don't know about you but I'm amazed at how quickly this week is blowing by.
We survived spring break from school last week.
Insert high five emoji here.
We enjoyed a staycation here in Houston
and did little to next to nothing
{which is perfect in my humble opinion}.
Unfortunately I'm two lessons and four chapters behind
in my courageworks class but I'll get there.
More on that in another post that I've been writing in my head.
It's good y'all. 
Not my writing, but the guts of it.
I'm learning and growing where it counts.
I feel it in my bones but more importantly in my heart.
I fell down for a minute after someone hurt my feelings
but baby, let me tell you -
instead of giving up
I chose to use what I've been learning in class
and I moved past it.
It still stings when I think about it but
I'm rising strong and proud of it.
So instead of thinking of what I didn't get done
I'm choosing to look at what I have accomplished this week...

I finally, and by that I mean FINALLY after seven years,
scratched two small projects off my to-do list
and though they be small they are mighty in their impact.
In my humble opinion that is.
First up a little fireplace makeover...

It was a greenish black slate surround before.
Amazingly my husband hated it more than I did
which worked in my favor ;)
I'll do a before and after post soon...
just gotta find my before shot.

After a ton of rigmarole 
{ie another seven or so years on my list}
I finally updated the exterior by adding custom shutters.
The hubs isn't on board with me sharing pictures of our house online
{yet...I'm working on it}
but here's a little picture while they were in the shop before staining...

I found some brilliant ones at the big box stores 
but they weren't the right size.
Long story short it hit me one day that I should ask
my new BFF the carpenter who did my office desk

if he could help me with the shutters.
I was happy he said yes even though it was a small job.
Or so we thought.
Remind me to tell you that story another day but I'll give you a hint.
You know that saying "Measure twice, cut once."
Well, here's the thing.
He assumed my upstairs windows were the same size as down.
I've lived here for eight years and thought that too.
Not so much.

I've also been doing some design boards...



I'm also working with a friend on his bathroom remodel.
He's been a hoot to work with 
although certain plumbing showrooms 
throughout Houston
may not agree with how funny we think we are.
Especially if there's a button or knob to push or try out.
One day I tried the buttons on a steam shower display 
and it came on and scared the fool out of us both.
Right before we busted out giggling and high five-ing each other.
He said he knew where my youngest gets his daring bravado from.
I see his point I guess but like I told him 
sometimes you need to test drive what they're selling.
Am I right?
I took pics in one showroom.
The one we also dragged all three of my boys to last week.
The one we may not be allowed back in to.

Finally if you need me this is where I'll be...

Hope the boys at Leftovers get ready for our annual wine and cheese party on their porch :)
See y'all soon! 


  1. Your fireplace looks fab!!The shutters are beautiful. Take lots of pics of Round Top...I'm jealous. Have a good weekend!!

  2. Love the fireplace and design boards. I owe you an email with progress here and to check on your end. I bet the shutters look beautiful--I'll use my imagination!

  3. Your fireplace is fabulous! So wish I was joining you at Round Top!!

  4. Wow I love your fireplace! Wish I could see those shutters I bet they add so much style to your windows. I hope to get shutters some day when we tackle our exterior. Your class material sounds so transformative I'd love to hear more about it. Wish we lived closer. I really connected to your comment on my post. Thank you for sharing I'm so happy to know you! :)


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