Friday, April 22, 2016

a few for FriYay

I know.
Another week just FLEW by.
Lots going on around here,
all of it very exciting.
Hope to share details soon.
Not to use that as a tease but
I figure a short post is better than nothing
and "the details" is a long one.
I'll just say that 
when you put stuff out in the universe
and it's the path you're meant to be on
then the universe has a way of lining up 
to make things happen.

By universe I mean God 
and my guardian angels,
both in heaven and on earth.
I believe know they exist :)
Until I can finish writing that post,
herewith my favorite things this FriYAY...

I stumbled onto a new to me blog, Linda Holt Interiors
and she had me at the best iphone tip EVER 
for taking better photos with your iphone.
Who knew?

I saw this chair on a favorite instagram account.

If it were navy blue it would be mine.
Times four.
Still my interest was piqued when I googled to find it online.
Its at a new to me home decor store called At Home.
As luck would have it there is an At Home store in the Woodlands.
I say luck because that is not near me.
I'll get there one day...just not as often as I find myself in HomeGoods.
And if you know me you'll know that place is like the show Cheers,
where everybody there knows my name.
Or at least my face.
Because I frequently get this look from the employees like
"You were just here. Did you even leave and go home?"

One store who may make my bistro chair in blue dream come true is World Market.
I've been eye spying this one 

but I need more brown furniture
like I need another piece of blue and white.
That sentence was sacrilegious.
I take that back.
I can always use more blue and white ;) but you get my drift.
These brown ones are at a great price right now...
$140 for TWO.
Of course in their newest colorway...

and my favorite blue,
they're twice that.
$240 for two chairs but currently on sale for 20% off.
Definitely more affordable than my favorite of all time...

I had these in my shopping cart a few weeks ago 
during one of their great sales but I can't decide 
between bistro or Tolix...

Having three boys makes me think the metal Tolix
but I love that Serena and Lily chair.
Decisions don't always come easy to this Libra.
Enough about chairs.
Let's talk about mothers.
Specifically Mother's Day gifts.
Whether you're a mother or not
you should treat yourself or someone you love
to some It Cosmetics.
I love everything I've ever bought from them.
You know I'm a product junkie but once I found this brand
I cleaned everything else out.
Gone baby gone except for IT.
Use the code "BROWPOWER416"
until April 30, 2016
to get free shipping and a free travel size Brow Power .
I have a full size for home and a travel size for my purse.
It was my first purchase from It and its the brow bombdiggity.

Ok y'all.
Got a little field trip this afternoon.
Hoping to have some good eye candy to report on Monday.
Until then I hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I love IT cosmetics too!! Adore those blue and white chairs. Can't wait to hear your big news. Enjoy your weekend, dear Nancy.

    1. Hey Katie! no big news really...just taking little steps every day, hoping they'll add up to something big :)

  2. Loving those blue and white chairs. We have atHOME here too, used to be Garden Ridge. Quality is so so, hit or miss. But, we have found several good deals there...outdoor furniture, Christmas tree, etc.
    While I love IT cosmetics, I have recently found some products that are exactly the same (just different packaging) for less money that work equally as well. I swear they are made in the same factories they are that close.
    If you love their lip gloss like I did, you will love NYX lip butter!

    1. i'll keep my eyes open for that lip butter. ;) thanks for the tip.

  3. I'm using my IT makeup thanks to you!

  4. Have you ever sat in the Tolix chairs? I have found them EXTREMELY uncomfortable. And no matter how cute a chair is, if I can't sit comfortably in it, it's not coming into my home!

    1. hi! actually i have not. good point. will try to track some down in person before i buy.

  5. The universe does listen if you believe and I cant wait to see what it granted you my friend!!
    I m sure its wonderful what ever it is and those chairs a fave of mine! xo

    1. my thoughts exactly :) sounds hokey in a way but i do believe ask and you will receive...maybe not exactly what you wanted but what's best for you.


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