Sunday, April 17, 2016

blue and white lovers rejoice

I'm not sure how it happened but
I stumbled on to Katie Kime recently.
She had me at hello with this shift dress...

then as I dug deeper into her website I spotted separates...

and the print is even available as wallpaper...

In case these are a bit outside your price range
go to your local homegoods because
I spotted this on Friday...

I know! 
It took my breath away too.
Especially when I saw one I didn't have.
It went in my basket.

Then I turned the corner and this happened...

Not so "allegedly" any more.
So I texted the hubs...
"Happy Anniversary to me"
as in 
"look what you got me for our upcoming anniversary."
There is no better way to celebrate than double happiness in my opinion.

Quick story.
Before I hit homegoods
aka "my happy place"
I went to register our twins for middle school.
I know some peeps might make fun of me
but my eyes teared up when I drove into the parking lot.
Once I got into the registrar's office
I immediately noticed two different blue and white porcelain pieces.
As I handed over the forms for the boys
I said...
I have to ask.
Do you collect blue and white?

She smiled and said yes.
I said "how about double happiness?"
She hadn't heard of double happiness.
So of course I whip out my phone and proceed to show her this...

two little additions that I snagged the day before
{with another text to the hubs that said
"Happy Mother's Day to me"}
from my new favorite Houston shop
More on that later
but just note the coffee table styling below...

I love the collection of little blue and white pots on the tray.
I am SO doing this.

but back to the school story...

So I show her the pictures of double happiness
and tell her the story behind it,
how they used to be given in pairs
as wedding gifts in an old Chinese tradition.
I told her I started collecting it years ago
thanks to my friend Holly Mathis
because, for me, the term double happiness 
reminds me of my first twin bundles of joy,
truly gifts of God that I wasn't sure I would ever have.
The mention of Holly led to the question if I liked blogs.
Insert wide eyed emoji.
I knew in that instant that the registrar was a part of my tribe
and that this school was right where my kids need to be ;)
I thought about calling the school from homegoods 
to tell her about the new stash of blue and white at Hg
but I figured it could be taken as a stalkerish move.
I did give her the name of this blog
so maybe she'll see it and go get one.
I scored two big matching ones for my peep Lisa :)
because that's what friends do...
Except when husbands are within earshot.
Then its deny, deny, deny.

More blue and white goodies at HomeGoods...

a knock off brush stroke lamp for $50

and next door at TJ Maxx I spotted some beautiful blue and white curtains
{kind of remind me of John Robshaw's mani fabric}

and always keeping my eye out for my peep Angela 
who's looking for some blue and white bedding...

Wrong size but I've got a running list for peeps that I keep up with.
Why is I can remember decor items but can't remember what day is today?
Explain that glitch?

On a happy note this is almost done...

I painted my laundry room cabinets a glorious green.
I figured it was time to go bold or go home.
My husband questioned the choice 
but I reminded him who does all the laundry
and he quickly told me how much he loved the color.
I thought so.
Smart man.
Once these bad boys cure it's time for me to hang the wallpaper.
Time for me {and I hope my peep Rena} to learn how to hang wallpaper.
It's about to get very interesting around here ;)


  1. I love this post-
    I love blue and white (lots)-
    I loved your conversation with the counselor-
    And I love your newly green cabinets!

    Enjoyed visiting-as always-


  2. Of course I found your blog! What a special day .... you registered your twins and we had the opportunity to meet one another. Thrilled to have learned about double happiness. Look forward to seeing you again!

  3. Nancy... I hate to admit it but I own at least 5 of those pieces from Homegoods. Love that comforter set. The green cabinets look great! Have a great week.

  4. So fun!! What a great post- I love when God blesses us with those types of meetings to just reassure us right when we need it most. And I've never heard of that store in Houston- totally looking it up now!!

  5. LOVE that green! Well I am in the process of doing a blue chinoiserie mural for the ORC because I love anything blue and white! Great post and that!!

  6. I love your new blue and white! And the laundry cabinets are fabulous!

  7. Oh my gosh, I need to go shopping with YOU! Love it all and am having some serious inventory envy!


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