Tuesday, April 12, 2016

house in the 'hood

Trust me when I say 
stop what you're doing.
Now go get a cup of coffee while I wait here.
Got it?
Sit down and get comfortable.
Stretch your fingers and your hands.
Now get your pin finger ready
 for this week's house in the 'hood...

The entry way is chic but sedate as you walk in...

but then you get a little glimpse of the goodness yet to come...

Visual Comfort sconces light up the hallway
but first let's step into the study...
where you'll find high gloss walls and ceilings ...
{paint by Farrow & Ball}

I have to say that the chair in my favorite Chiang Mai is perfection.
The blue flows into the dining room...

with the Mokum Imperial Pheasant wallpaper in ming blue...

I love the pops of orange against the blue walls.
One of my favorite color combinations.

Across the hall you can see the living room
but first let's go through the swinging door
into the kitchen.
Get ready for this.
Seriously this room takes my breath away...

I know.
I love it too.
Rolling ladder system, open shelving, shiplap walls,
Calcutta Gold marble on the island 
and the backsplash for the 48 inch Wolf stove. 
The Visual Comfort Hicks pendants are the icing on the cake.
Then take a step back and take this in...

I know.
It just keeps on getting better.
I love the mix of furniture.
Its modern with a twist.
And by twist I mean antelope...

Is your finger tired from pinning yet?

I've seen patterned metal screens like this
 at Lowes of all places
and have often wondered about using it 
to replace our air filter return.
Adding to that to my research list.

Let's look at the living room shall we?

Its one long room that runs the length of the house
with two different seating areas...

Notice the panel above the fireplace mimics
the pattern of the metal screen in the kitchen...

and serves to hide the television.
I love how they again used the Calcutta gold 
on the fireplace surround.

The master bedroom is muted and serene.

You can barely see it but notice the paneled wall treatments 

More marble magnificence awaits you in the master bath...

they had me at herringbone on the floor...

I could so see soaking in the Maax soaking tub couldn't you?

Just outside the master suite is the laundry room.
Lovely with its shiplap plank walls,
Lagos azul honed limestone counter,
Visual Comfort light,
and storage galore.

Down the hall from the master is one the secondary bedrooms...

and ensuite bath with Bianca Carrara marble ...

while the other secondary bedroom is used as a home office...

Anyone who uses multiple colorways of Chiang Mai in their house
is automatically my spirit animal. 

Another secondary bath...

Bianca Carrara marble countertops and subway tile.
Simply solid selections that, to me, are timeless.
You can change the artwork and the mirror to get a totally different vibe.
But why would you want to?
This is perfect.

 The game room continues the hip, happy vibe of this home
and could also serve as a guest room
with its built in trundle beds.
I love the China Seas wallpaper {especially in blue...just saying}
and of course the chandy.
{I'm pretty sure it's Ikea.}

That's it for inside sadly but outside there's still more to love.
Like the painted brick with darker trim color.
I wanted to do this last year when we painted our house
but alas my husband couldn't see my vision.
Mental note: Show this to him and rub it in  remind him of what you really wanted.

This project is on my list too...

a paver pathway surrounded by landscape pebbles or crushed granite.
I was thinking of using these huge a/c condenser pads
instead of concrete day it will move up to the top of my list.

Until then I'll keep perusing my beloved 
for more inspiration pics.
Hope you are off to a great week!

all images via

Is it too late to join the ORC?
The wallpaper arrived and
I started painting the laundry room last week.
It's taking me forever because, yes, I lost my mind and I'm doing it myself.

Until then that's where I'll be.


  1. OK, so this is funny cause I kinda consider you MY design spirit animal & I don't much care for this house. I don't like the shiplap in the kitchen at all. I feel like the wallpaper in the dining room would make one go crazy if forced to look at it too long. And I think the pavers out back just look like a cheap afterthought. EEEEEEK! I LOVE the houses you share with your readers normally but I just can't get on board with this one overall. Great bathrooms though!

    1. First off thanks for reading and commenting :) especially the part about me being your design spirit animal. gosh that's a huge compliment and i appreciate it. i definitely admit this house isnt usually what i fall for and i dont know why that is...i thought about that very thing when i was writing the post because honestly i will never have an all white wall interior house. at least i dont see it happening because i love color which is probably what drew me to this one with all the strong pops of color in most rooms. i'm a sucker for shiplap bc it reminds me of homes in palmetto bluff and old southern farmhouses like my grannie's old house. i feel you about the wallpaper choice...def not what i would have picked but i try to stay positive on the posts mainly out of respect for people in my neighborhood bc i'm afraid i'll review one of someone i know and then i'll get a beatdown from them :) ok...i have another one ready to go...hoping you like that better ;) have a great week!

  2. Nancy... two things stick out - the metal screens and the laundry room close to the master. I had that in TX and loved it. Great house. Have a good week.

    1. hi katie! hope you're doing well. you think you'll ever move back this way?

  3. Replies
    1. i love the screens too and that the design was repeated in the LR on the tv cover and also in the dining room table. :)

  4. Well that was something!!! So glad there was an exterior shot.

    1. hi karen! thanks for reading :) i'll try to do more exteriors for you :)

  5. Did you see the post Joni at Cote de Texas did about this house last month? It has gone through an amazing transformation!

    1. I did not! thanks for sending the link!!!! going to look at it now :)


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