Friday, April 1, 2016

Round Top round up

Get a cup of coffee and cop a squat, this is a picture heavy post...
You may remember last week this little tease I made on picmonkey...

Yes, last week my tribe of decor treasure-hunter friends and I
loaded up and headed out for our bi-annual
shop til you drop then tailgate road trip
to the mecca for people like us known as Round Top.
I don't know about everybody else but when we turn off Highway 290
and see this I get a little giddy....

Not because I want an steel giraffe like this one...

although we did text this picture to Rena's husband
and tell him to make room in the backyard for it
{be warned this story is NSFW}
I get giddy because it reminds me that
you never know what you're gonna find in Round Top.

 As I've told you before we drive past Round Top proper
and park in the fields in Warrenton near Zapp Hall.
Its five bucks to park but there's a ton to see in either direction.
We walk the tents and take it all in.
Nerd alert but I love Antiques Roadshow on PBS.
Its like a little history lesson in an hour.
Loves it.
This is the first thing that grabbed my eye in the tents at Warrenton...

an old cash register.
Look at the hand crank.
You don't see them like that anymore.
$1500 and it could be yours.

An old barber shop chair...the white is about heavy duty. Wow.

This vendor had beautiful bookcases galore.
I could see this in a gentleman's study from time gone by.

Dating myself here but anyone else remember these rain machines from the 70's?
Oil would drip down the wires to look like rain?

I saw this and thought of texting my friend Holly Mathis.
Her boys love playing little toy soldiers...

but if you've ever been to Round Top 
then you know cell reception is hit or miss.
If you really want to get the 70's vibe of what 
it was like before cell phones RT is the place.
Instead you'll see people with arms overhead waving cell phones
frantically trying to get signals.
Oh wait.
That was just me.
Everyone else knows better than to try.
Here's a tip.
Take your cell phone charger for sure
and then put your cell phone on airplane mode 
unless you absolutely need it
because otherwise your battery will be dead before you know it.
You're welcome.
I texted her when we got home instead.
Hope she was able to snag it. :)

Always looking out for friends
I saw this LSU chair for a fanatical friend
and stopped to take a pic...

Of course I was more interested in the tolix chairs next door.
I would have snagged some but the vendor hadn't opened for the day
and we don't wait around :(
Too much to see, to much to buy.
Tolix was big though and it was everywhere.
Trust I will snag me some very soon but that $50 per chair price
I thought was a steal.

These coffee and consoles tables were hand made.
If only I needed one. :(

Again under the heading you never know what you're gonna find...

half a plane anyone?

This shot was for my friend Lisa
who couldn't make the trip this time.
She loves cotton bolls and just ordered some for her mantle.
They too were popular with lots of shops selling them.
I also spy a cool olive bucket a la lamp...

More on that later.

 Bad lighting but this spoke to me...

as did this...

They had a cool Audubon vibe but I have about 15 similar prints 
that I bought years ago and still have yet to frame.

This reminded me of my Grannie's screen door on her old house.
I regret not buying this...

I never met a green chippy piece I didn't want...

And of course you know how I feel about sea fans...

These were $175 each.

This is little whack but I like it.

Old freon tanks as lamps.
I gotta show this to my dad.
I know he has some of these laying around.
Don't ask why.
Again with the green.
Loves it.
And yes they were $175.
I see a DIY project in my future.

This guy always has unusual lighting fixtures...

This is fuzzy I know but let's see if you can make it out...

Giant foo dog with random mannequin legs in a big urn behind.
Pretty sure those words have never appeared in a sentence together til now.

Trend anyone?
Chippy green shutters.
Me loves...

I was looking for these but in a different size
to use for my laundry room reno.
One day they will be mine...just gotta be patient.
They'll find me one day.

Giant metallic silver painted bull or buffalo?
Yep you can find it in the fields at Warrenton.

or maybe you just want the head?
No problemo...

I even found the holy grail.
Wait for it.
Double happiness y'all...

My absolute favorite thing to collect.
But you'd have been proud.
I resisted.
I have a couple of this size.
These were $150 each.

Not what I considered a deal.
But I would have been tempted had I not had any of my own.
They were huge and lovely.
As were these green demi-johns.

More sea fan goodness...

 I snapped this shot waiting for our friend Susan
to find a bench she'd bought and paid for.
Most vendors will hold big items for you
while you continue to shop.
Then later you can drive up close and load it up before you go.
Here's a hint.
Take a picture of the tent and surrounding areas.
Uh we didn't do this.
Took us a few minutes to figure it out but hey, that's half the fun.
At least it is for us because we're razzing each other about our early memory loss.
No bueno.

After we left Warrenton we drove to a place we found last fall.
Remember when I scored some blue and white calligraphy pens?
Sure enough this vendor was back and I made a bee line for his tent
while my peeps waited in the car.

He only had one top with the double happiness.
Sadly I resisted.

We stopped at the Royal Standard tent,
a fabulous find from last fall
but no pictures as they weren't set up yet.
Funnily enough as we were traipsing through the field back to the car
I looked up and saw this...

I'd always wondered where Rachel Ashwell's The Prairie was.
Now I know.
Maybe we'll stop by there in the fall and snap some pics.
Stay tuned on that one...
 And wait!
I did snap some pics at The Royal Standard...

Not the best pics but go check out their website.
I've been meaning to post about them for a while now.
Will put that on my list too.
After that we went to The Arbors Antiques.
Lots of eye candy to take in here...

They were literally antiquing these dressers as they set up.
Paint brushes and minwax stain in hand.
I just wanted to sit there and watch to get some tips.
No can do though.
We were on a mission and it was to buy not DIY.

Now might be a good time though to mention something.
A lot of times we asked vendors if things were antiques or reproductions.
Be sure and ask if you're in doubt.
One of my friends asked a vendor at another place about a piece she wanted.
He kept insisting it was vintage but we knew otherwise.
Especially if you watch Antiques Roadshow...
 they give tips for how to spot this kind of thing...real versus faux.
When in doubt {and especially if you're paying for vintage} stick to your gut.
Just saying.
Rant over.
Moving on...

This tent had me at hello.

As in I'll take one of each please.
This table in particular...

Olive buckets were big.
They were everywhere and at every price point.

Get ready for some hip and happy stuff...
remember the name Fairplay Farm y'all.

 In the reflection you'll see the owner Landon Shockley :)
His pieces are to die for.
They're handmade in Arkansas and finished with high gloss automotive paint
if I remember correctly.
Smooth and shiny and beyond gorgeous!

My favorite piece...

Drum roll please...
wait for it...

Its a bar y'all ;) 
Don't judge the raincoat y'all in the reflection.
It was crazy weather that day.

Horrible picture but you can make out the shape...

I kept circling his booth like I was stalking prey.

I was trying to figure out how to break it to the hubs
that I wanted all new glossy furniture.


Oh well.
There's always next time.
I have six months or so to figure out how to make it his idea ;)

Barley twist always catches my eye...

Love the way these are framed within a frame...

Feathers were big as in everywhere I looked.
These by Kendall Boggs were amazing.

This reminds me of the little church we were married in.
Simple but sweet...

Still at the Arbors wandering in and out
between furniture and lighting...

and beautiful art... 

Finally we said goodbye to the Arbors
and headed to my favorite Blue Hills.
But if you don't mind
I have a lot on my plate today
so I'll do it in a part deux...
Stay tuned for Round Top Round Up part two.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. This post was insane! It reminded me of the posts I used to do at The Alameda Pointe! A photo stream of unending eye candy... so much fun! Thanks for bringing us along. And thank you for your sweet comment on my blog today! You are the BEST!!!

  2. So overwhelming! I've always wanted to go but think I would be overwhelmed! Thanks for the tour, and also thanks for including some of the prices. I'm always curious how much things cost, but no one ever seems to list that part. It gives me an idea of where the market is. Glad you had a good time.

  3. WOW...I really want to go! I might come in the Fall with friends who moved to Austin...perhaps we could meet???

  4. Great pics Nancy! I should have told you that I was looking for a 30 ft. giraffe for my front yard! Enjoy your week!!


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