Monday, May 16, 2016

birthdays and blessings

A little happy birthday to myself.
Five years ago today I wrote my first post...

It's my blog's birthday but more importantly...
it's also that of my youngest, our baby,
who is anything but a baby anymore.
Happy Birthday to our sweet loving boy Zb,
who brightens this world with his energy and enthusiasm for life.
I think you can get a sense of him from these pics...

even though they were taken on his fourth birthday.
I know.
He's a mess.
He's a pistol.
He is a love and full of love for everyone he knows.
He's a miracle, truly Heaven sent.
He'll probably never know how much of one.
But I do.
And for that I'm eternally grateful.
I only have to look at my kids to know that God exists.
God doesn't always give us what we want.
But He always give us what we need.
In Zb's case, He gave us both.

While we're on the subject of gratitude,
thank you
to each and every one of you,
for reading this blog of mine.
I hope you know 
that I know
you're out there reading :)
I'm grateful for you.
I hope you know that too.


  1. Happy Birthday ZB, and Happy Birthday to your blog sweet friend. So enjoy popping in and reading your posts!!

  2. Great to have found your blog I truly enjoy reading each post!

  3. Happy blog birthday to your blog ! So happy to have found you in blog land.
    And Happy Birthday ZB ...what a cutie.

  4. Happiest of Blog Birthday's to you Miss Nancy!! So glad you are part of this blogosphere :)
    And of course Happy Day to your adorable Zb too.

  5. Happy blog birthday Nancy!! You are one of my favorites in blog world! Thank you so much for your kind comments on my post about my mom. I hope we can meet one day I know we would be fast friends!!

  6. Sorry I missed this post. Happy Happy belated birthday, dear Nancy. Hope you are doing ok with all that rain and flooding!!


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