Monday, May 9, 2016

musings on a Monday

Hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day weekend.
Saturday was fantastic, yesterday not so much 
but let's not get into that.
Let's focus on the positive...

I read this post last week on 
All the Biscuits in Georgia
and I had to laugh...
I've heard strong women from the deep South 
referred to as "steel magnolias"
but never as "cast iron magnolias"...
I am so using that term from now on.

Y'all may know that I'm obsessed with workout videos
as in I try to fit them in every day,
even if its just one section of one.
For the past year I've been alternating between
either Tracy Anderson or 
Liz and Clary Hilliard of hilliard studio method.
Last week they had a link in their newsletter to what 
Don't think I'm not studying it like a text book.
Seriously go look at her on her website and tell me you're not on board too.

I mentioned to my youngest sister that I love listening to Dave Ramsey on the radio.
Let me rephrase that.
He's the only non political talk show on the radio during car pool time
plus his money advice just makes sense...
live within your means and how to have no debt.
Anyway...she mentioned an app called ynab or 
Now I haven't tried it...remember my husband's favorite word is budget
and he's like the human version of this app or so it seems
but if I didn't have him I think this would be helpful indeed.

Since I'm nearly done with the laundry room reno
I'm ready to start a little presto change-o to the guest room
over our garage aka "the compartment"
named by my then three year old who couldn't say "guest apartment"
and so even since we've all taken to calling it the compartment.
So while the bedroom area is staying
I've decided to move all the boys video game equipment over there
and we're adding a living room area to make it more of a game room area for them.
It's a win win for everyone...the boys and guests alike.
Here's what I'm thinking...

which evolved from this mood board I did for someone earlier this spring...

I realize tween boys may not need such nice stuff to tear up
so I'm sure I'll be switching out some high for lows as far as $$.
First things first I've got a sofa in mind...
the biggest hitch will be to see if I can get it up the narrow stairwell
and make a crazy narrow turn at the top of the stairs.
Wish me luck.
It's about to get ugly.
Of that I'm sure.

I forgot to mention a new favorite thing in the kitchen.
Its not a thing really...its an in seasoning.
This stuff is unbelievable and has seriously taken my cooking up a notch...

or at least it makes it taste like I've improved :)
I find it on the spice aisle at my local grocery 
but you can order it online too.
Plus their website has a plethora of recipes and tips.
I seriously wish I hadn't seen their popcorn page.
I'm not supposed to eat it any more.
Popcorn is a weakness as in I never met a tub I didn't want to scarf down.
Anybody else love it like that? know I've never met a blue and white anything I didn't like.
This little day dress may be on its way to my house right now...

Not even allegedly...
I did a little retail therapy yesterday.
Happy Mother's Day to me.


  1. Ok, gonna have to check out the food post. Love your mood board! And, I purchased a similar dress in two different colors from our local Shoe Gallery (19.99)...they were perfect for our trip to Mexico.

  2. Going over to check out that blog you mentioned. Love your choices for your new guest room. Can I put in my reservation now?

  3. Very cool mood board I can't wait to see what you do in there. You inspire me!


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