Wednesday, June 22, 2016

I'm back...

Its been a crazy three weeks since last we spoke.
Part of the absence is due to my kids being out of school.
If you've got kids I know you know what happens then...
goals go out the window and its all about keep the peace
amongst a band of energetic younguns.

Right after they got out for summer 
my sister and her family drove out from Georgia to see us.
We packed as much as we could into the four days they were here.
One night we even made it out on the town to listen 
to a band that plays covers of songs from the 70s and 80s.
The only bad thing about it was they started at ten pm.
As in I'm usually in bed by 9.
I sucked it up, took a nap, and then drank some coffee.
All of us in our party of five were dragging.
But once the music started we all turned sixteen again
and rocked and sang the night away.
At one point my sister leaned over and screamed
"you know this is the first time we've ever been in a bar together?"
Hopefully it was just the first of many.
My sister's got the moves like jagger 
and she's not afraid to prove it.
We had the best time and I cried when they had to leave a few days later.
I just don't like goodbyes.
Once they left it was a mad dash to get our twins
ready for their first ever sleep away camp.
I was wholeheartedly against it but 
1. it was Boy Scout camp
2. I made my husband sign up to go with them.
That was the plan any way.
And you know plans go in life right?
So a few weeks back a dear friend of ours calls.
He's the mutual friend of ours that introduced us many moons ago
and the one that lives with his wife in Palmetto Bluff,
the friends we visit every summer.
So he calls and tells my husband 
"if you can get to Nassau in the Bahamas on this date
then we're going to go on a friend's {of his} superyacht."
Insert wide eyed emoji here.
So my husband mentions this conversation in passing one day,
followed by something like
"oh but that's the week of boy scout camp so we can't go."
I turned around and gave him my best
"are you out of your cottonpicking mind?" look
then said something a little more colorful but with the same intention.
When he started with his list of why it wouldn't work out
I just tuned him out and started strategizing in my head for child care.
I called my sister, the one who just left, and told her the story.
Right before I was about to ask her if she would take our youngest 
back to Georgia with her {and then figure out later how to get him home}
she nervously asked "are you asking me to go to boy scout camp with the twins?"
No, no, no, I explained...would you be willing to take Zbull for a little while
and have a longish version of cousin camp in Georgia?
You could hear her relief as she exhaled and said
"OK GOOD because I love you but I don't love you enough to go camping for a week."
Gotta love her honesty.
My husband still wasn't on board.
I got so irritated with him, 
telling him I solved the problem of child care 
and how could he be so difficult?
I went next door to talk to our good friend and neighbor
and to get his take since he and his wife have raised three awesome sons.
Before I was even done telling the whole story he said
"I've got the kids. You should go!"
I told him that was a sweet offer but I just wanted to know 
what he would do if he were my husband.
He said that a few years ago he and his wife were given a similar opportunity,
get to Rome and then board a superyacht 
for an all expense paid cruise on the Mediterranean. 
They wanted so badly to go
but soon after the offer was made
his wife had a relapse of cancer.
He said it was one of their biggest regrets not being able to go on that trip.
He said, "you know my wife died at 47. 
Life's too short. 
You never know what tomorrow will bring.
Y'all should go on that trip."
I went home and told my husband what he had said.
I said it calmly and slowly and then I walked away.
I said we don't have to go but if we don't 
I will forgive you but I won't forget that you could only see obstacles 
instead of trying to come up solutions.
I might also have said I'll find a friend to go with me ;)
Over the next few days he'd bring it up
and I'd ask if he had any solutions since I'd come up with two already,
one my sister, the other our friend and neighbor.
In the end he knew he'd regret it if we didn't try to go.
He talked to our boys who were more than cool with him not going.
We knew other parents who were going and who very kindly
kept an eye out for them while they were gone.
On the home front the plan for our youngest became like a time share
with him splitting time between our friend and neighbor, 
who is truly like a grandfather to them even though he's my husband's age...
{I think its his gray hair and crazy-fun-cajun 
"anything goes especially in the food category"}
and my husband's brother.
Once we knew we had all the boys in places they'd be happy
we made a last minute dash snapping up swim suits and coverups for our trip.
Let me share a few cool things I found for the trip {that almost wasn't}...

I found some other stuff at Marshalls and ordered a brilliant sun hat 
from amazon that my peep Tarsy told me about shortly before we left...

packed it all in a carryon bag and headed out on a jet plane.
I don't mean to tease but three hungry boys are giving me 
the when are we going to eat look
so I'll leave it here for now 
but promise to be back with pictures 
from our once in a lifetime trip...
hope you all are doing well.
I missed y'all ;)

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