Thursday, June 30, 2016

today only

I'm gonna be quick and post this 
because I want it to post so that 
y'all can take advantage of the sales if you want...

Loft is having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale
{code July4th}
and today only according to their email
shipping is free...
you'll see it as such on the checkout page.
I may have placed an order for a few of these....

and this 

because at 50% off I'd be crazy not to.
Am I right?
Tomorrow is a new budget month any way.
Insert high five emoji here.

Also today while looking for lighting for a client
I stumbled upon this new lovely....

it kind of reminds me 
of the Hicks pendants in our kitchen

always in a southern state of mind

but at a fraction of the cost.
Best part?
Today {June 30} only World Market lighting is 30% off.
If you're in the market for a new lamp 
be sure and check out their new arrivals.
I'm loving these...

I hope to use them in some upcoming design boards
but today is the day to score them on sale 
if you're interested.
Ready, set, go shop!
Oh wait.
Real quick.
Something I've been thinking about since our trip.
I actually wrote this as part of my post about the trip
{still to come}
but I debated about it
and wasn't even going to include it 
but here goes nothing...
So as you know we went on an undeniably awesome trip
to the Exuma Islands in the Bahamas.
You know what that means.
The dreaded wearing of the bathing suit.
Not my favorite thing ever.
We were the last to board the boat
and everyone was chilling on the sun deck as we departed.
We hung out for a while as we left port
but after a while of being the only one not in a bathing suit
I decided I had to bite the bullet.
Although I was hesitant to put one on,
all the other ladies were rocking a bikini
so I figured the first day of vacation
was probably the best day
to rock one too...
you know,
before all the eating and drinking begins.
So I changed into my new Trina Turk bikini,
threw on one of the cute J Crew coverups I scored on sale
and went up to the top deck.
Funny thing is soon after 
they announced it was time
to shower and change for dinner.
Can you say win-win?
I didn't want to do it
but I did it any way.
And I survived. 
I only bring this up to say
we ladies have got to stop beating ourselves up
over what we see as imperfections in our bodies.
I've come a LOONNGGG way
in telling the negative nelly in my brain
to sit down and shut up.
I think I've worked harder ,
{and HAVE to work harder}
to change my mind
and the way it perceives my body
than all the working out
could ever change my body.
Here's a new flash:
I'll never be a swim suit model.
But instead of thinking that statement
what I try to do now 
is make a list of what my body CAN do...
I can run a half marathon in my sleep,
 I've carried two babies at once,
three in total,
and run as many triathlons.
When I run out of physical accomplishments 
I think of this...
my husband has never thrown me out of bed
for my little thigh dimples aka cellulite
or the stretch marks around my belly button
{caused not by the twins 
but by their hulk of a little brother.}
I look at those and try so hard to see them 
as positives instead of negatives,
as signs of strength,
my little warrior wounds of life.
Now I say this because some of these ladies 
were making comments about their bodies,
{half joking with a laugh}
things that I didn't see with my eyes
but they saw with theirs,
and I thought to myself
 If I looked like her
 I'd be naked right now."
Not even kidding.
But I took all of it to heart.
When any of us make comments like that
you know who else hears us?
Our young children.
Especially our daughters
are hearing us
when we make those comments,
even in jest.
Then what do you think the chances are
that they're going to start criticizing their bodies?
We need to stop that madness now.
Embrace yourself,
every glorious detail.
I'm here to tell you that when I see ladies,
in pools or on the beach 
rocking their swimsuits
and owning their imperfections 
it truly inspires me to just own my own too.
If I will, I hope you will too.


  1. I let go of my bathing suit body worries six years ago when we moved to Florida. I am curvy and fat. That is the reality, there is no sugar coating it. I wear a tankini and rock a killer tan. Some of the women at my pool have shredded abs & perfect fake tits, good for them. Many of them are my friends. My boys sure don't care what I look like in a bathing suit, all they know is that I am the mom that gets in the pool and plays with them and even gasp! gets her hair wet. I couldn't agree more that we all need to focus on the positives when it comes to body image. Well said Nancy.

  2. I love that krosshatch kimono! Your bathing suit story had me belly laughing!


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