Sunday, July 31, 2016

house in the 'hood

When my husband and I were first dating
 I would fly here for the weekend
and one of our favorite things to do
would be to drive around to look at real estate.
I remember my husband would always say...
now listen, don't fall in love with any thing here
because we can't afford any thing in this 'hood.
Good news for him is that I didn't listen.
Not a lot has changed...

well, the convertible is now a minivan
and we still stalk real estate
but more times than not
its virtually, through my favorite
{and the best}
real estate website
Herewith my latest favorite house in the 'hood...

Friday, July 29, 2016

cleaning house

That's what I've been doing all week.
Moving furniture and cleaning house.
I would show you the pictures but you might dump me.
I sent them to the hubs though.
With the line "look what your children did..."
because their always "his" when they do something nuts.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

lighting look for less

You know I love playing the look for less game.
That's how I got my nickname {and the name of my business} after all.
I'm finishing up a source list for a client design board
and was tickled to find this for $249 ...

{or less when you find a coupon code}


I don't know about you 
but I'd take the extra money and run...
right back out shopping. ;)

Monday, July 25, 2016

musical beds {bedding edition}

When last we left off
we were awaiting the arrival of our new box spring
so that we could continue the game of musical beds.
{Here's the low profile one we bought...
perfect for today's taller mattresses
and since you put it together yourself
its easy to carry upstairs
rather than fight trying to get a regular king sized up a stairwell.
Just saying ;).}
Our old queen bed moved into the room our youngest rarely slept in.
We asked our crew who, if anyone, wanted to make that their room.
Very smartly twin B {my mini-me} said that he would.
I say smart because down the road when they all want their own rooms,
and I'm pretty sure that WILL be the case,
then his new room will have its own private bath
while the other two bedrooms share a jack and jill bath.
I told my husband I think this could qualify for a snooze you lose
kind of moment that I know will come back up for discussion in later years
as in "why do I have to share a bathroom with HIM????"
or "why can't I have my own bathroom like HIM????"
In the spirit of fairness I told them all that I would redo their bedrooms,
maybe switch around some furniture, paint the walls, and buy new bedding.
I know.
I bet I'm thinking what you're thinking too.
I'm a serial redecorator the best mom EVER. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

sleeping like a baby

To continue where we last left off,
its week three of the virus from hell...
but who's counting?
The hubs that's who.
He's had enough of being one superwoman down around here.
Three new prescriptions later and I think I'll make it.
I'm getting my energy back and getting stuff done.
 I had a mammogram and ultrasound on Monday
to check out that lump I mentioned last week.
I'm clean y'all.
For another year any way.
I'll take it.
A special shout out to my peep Laura
who texted me just after I left my house
for my appointment Monday morning.
She was outside my house ready to take me to my appointment.
I tried to tell her I'd go alone
but honestly
she made me forget about what I was there for,
telling me stories from her recent trip to Europe,
chaperoning her son and other middle school kids
through France and Germany.
I'm taking notes...
Make sure my kids take foreign language as an elective.
Believe you me.
I'll make it known:
Need chaperone?
Will travel ;)
Now you take a note from me...
schedule your annual physical
including mammogram today
and do monthly breast exams.
No excuses.
Thank you.

Another reason I'm sleeping so well lately
is that our new bed arrived.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Would you believe me if I told you
that I'm still coughing up a lung?
Its been two weeks and I'm over this.
I'll admit I was hard headed.
It took me til day six to go to the doctor.
Even then it was a fluke.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

house in the 'hood

Really this is a house in [another] 'hood...
one close by called Tanglewood
Since its a stunner
{and I'm barely surviving a lovely summer cold}
I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.
Let's start with my favorite room of the whole house...

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