Friday, July 29, 2016

cleaning house

That's what I've been doing all week.
Moving furniture and cleaning house.
I would show you the pictures but you might dump me.
I sent them to the hubs though.
With the line "look what your children did..."
because their always "his" when they do something nuts.

 I now know where the black hole of socks, 
hex bugs {its a toy}, and $2 bills from the tooth fairy is...
it WAS under the jerry-rigged king bed in the boys' bunk room.
Apparently they have Gumby like arms
that pushed all this stuff back behind 
the extra leaves from the dining room table
that lay under that bed.
Insert eye rolling emoji here.
Good news is all that is gone,
the furniture is all moved,
and everyone is settled in nicely to their new rooms.
I would complain here to say 
that they're still getting used to it
so they rotate into various beds at night
but since we have the new king size bed
and I'm no longer pushed to sleeping 
while tottering on the edge of the bed
I'll just say that one day I know
I'm gonna miss these days.
So I'm not complaining.
Just stating the facts jack.
Since I'm on a roll talking about beds, bedding, and sleep
let's wrap this week up with a new favorite find...
Sobel Westex.
I read an article last year in the WSJ about, 
what else?
beds and bedding,
{I think it was titled "secrets of the world's best hotel beds..." 
or something like that.}
and in it they mentioned Sobel Westex.
If you read their product reviews you'll see
that they supply sheets and bedding etc to some major hotels.
I made a mental note because you know that's how we roll.
Research stuff compulsively then finally buy.
Once our new mattress and bed arrived
I figured "why stop spending now?"
{if the hubs is reading that is a JOKE honey.}
So I ordered a set of king sheets and a couple of their pillows.
Namely these...


Good news is my neck pain is gone.
I don't know if its due to these new pillows,
or a combination of the two.
I don't know and truly don't care.
Its just a joy to not be in pain.
Better news is their pillows are now on sale
for 30% off until July 31...
{the code is on their home page}
If your pillows need a refresh now's the time y'all.
I also scored a sheet set...
this one to be exact
because when you sign up for emails 
they send you a nice little coupon code
for your first order.
I'm happy with them but my husband thinks maybe they are not that soft.
I like that they are generously sized and have reinforced seams
plus a reviewer somewhere said they soften with each wash
so I'm planning on buying more
when the budget allows
because I've spent WAY more on Pottery Barn 
and Peacock Alley sheets only to have them 
fray and SHRINK 
even though I wash everything on gentle, cold, low tumble dry.
No bueno.
I'm gonna buy some fabric softener for the hubs and call it a day.
I'm sold y'all.
As long as we're sharing secrets
any recent finds I should know about?
Leave me a comment below ;)


  1. I've found that new sheets of any kind need to be washed a few times before being truly soft. I have heard adding white vinegar to the wash helps. Probably takes all that extra starch out they ship with.

  2. Hi Nancy, I'm so glad your neck pain is gone, maybe I need to get some of these pillows. Seriously, thanks for the Sorbel info, having quality bedding is one of my little splurges. How's everything? I sure hope you're having a great summer, I can't believe it's already August!


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