Monday, July 25, 2016

musical beds {bedding edition}

When last we left off
we were awaiting the arrival of our new box spring
so that we could continue the game of musical beds.
{Here's the low profile one we bought...
perfect for today's taller mattresses
and since you put it together yourself
its easy to carry upstairs
rather than fight trying to get a regular king sized up a stairwell.
Just saying ;).}
Our old queen bed moved into the room our youngest rarely slept in.
We asked our crew who, if anyone, wanted to make that their room.
Very smartly twin B {my mini-me} said that he would.
I say smart because down the road when they all want their own rooms,
and I'm pretty sure that WILL be the case,
then his new room will have its own private bath
while the other two bedrooms share a jack and jill bath.
I told my husband I think this could qualify for a snooze you lose
kind of moment that I know will come back up for discussion in later years
as in "why do I have to share a bathroom with HIM????"
or "why can't I have my own bathroom like HIM????"
In the spirit of fairness I told them all that I would redo their bedrooms,
maybe switch around some furniture, paint the walls, and buy new bedding.
I know.
I bet I'm thinking what you're thinking too.
I'm a serial redecorator the best mom EVER. :)

The experience of being a boy mom for over a decade
has led me to believe that I should save my money on bedding.
I found their current rugby bedding at Target
{it was the look for less of PBK}
so that's where I'm going again.
In case you have littles getting bigger
or perhaps going off to college
herewith some fun bedding
I found at my home away from home, Tarjay...

hex modern

mela chevron {also available in navy}

and a Pottery Barn Kids look for less...

and how cool are these ink dot sheets?
I'm thinking maybe I need these in my life?

dash sheet set

and I'm loving these too...

Ziba sheet set

In the end I decided on a set of these for the two twin beds...

Monroe striped duvet cover

which works with the current red, white, and blue accents

and this for the queen bed...

shibori quilt 

The bedding just arrived at my door
so I'll take that as my cue that it's time
to separate the jerry-rigged king size bed
now back into two twin beds.
It's a bittersweet end to the solution of keeping our youngest
out of climbing into our bed in the middle of the night.
Its a long story if you missed it
but if you're a regular reader
you'll remember that our youngest kept me up
for YEARS with his energetic antics {jumping}
in the middle of the night
so when two of my peeps suggested pushing the beds together
to see if he would go into his brothers room
rather than waking me up
{because if you're a middle aged woman
it won't surprise me to say
that once woken it would take me HOURS
to fall back asleep.}
That solution thankfully worked for years
but now it's time...
they're growing up
and they all need room of their own.
Sad but true in a way.
But like Scarlet O'Hara I'll think about that another day.
Today its time to redecorate!

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