Thursday, July 21, 2016

sleeping like a baby

To continue where we last left off,
its week three of the virus from hell...
but who's counting?
The hubs that's who.
He's had enough of being one superwoman down around here.
Three new prescriptions later and I think I'll make it.
I'm getting my energy back and getting stuff done.
 I had a mammogram and ultrasound on Monday
to check out that lump I mentioned last week.
I'm clean y'all.
For another year any way.
I'll take it.
A special shout out to my peep Laura
who texted me just after I left my house
for my appointment Monday morning.
She was outside my house ready to take me to my appointment.
I tried to tell her I'd go alone
but honestly
she made me forget about what I was there for,
telling me stories from her recent trip to Europe,
chaperoning her son and other middle school kids
through France and Germany.
I'm taking notes...
Make sure my kids take foreign language as an elective.
Believe you me.
I'll make it known:
Need chaperone?
Will travel ;)
Now you take a note from me...
schedule your annual physical
including mammogram today
and do monthly breast exams.
No excuses.
Thank you.

Another reason I'm sleeping so well lately
is that our new bed arrived.

Well, technically I haven't slept on the new bed yet.
It's here and its assembled.
Here's a little preview...

I'm just waiting on a new low profile box spring to arrive.
But I have our new mattress!
In a world turning event it arrived last week.
I refrained from telling you where I got it until I tried it out
and now, today, I'm happy to shout it from the rooftops.
Like for reals!
Our old mattress was about eight years old.
We bought it when we moved in this house
during my pregnancy with our youngest.
I'm pretty sure we rushed through the buying process
by asking the salesperson just to bottom line it...
after all we had two three year olds in tow...
what the best one he would recommend.
Immediately he spotted the "sucker" sign on our foreheads.
Or he saw me as a heavily pregnant woman with twin toddlers
who just wanted to go home and take a nap.
Maybe it was both.
Either way we bought it hook, line, and sinker.
And I've slept poorly ever since.

I'd been eyeing mattresses for a while,
researching, asking friends what they had, googling.
In all my searching I stumbled onto a company called Christeli.
Honestly I'd never heard of them before.
They only sell online which immediately made me skeptical.
As in no store to try it out.
A little voice inside reminded me
that I tried out the one we had and hated it so what's to lose.
I told my husband my big plan to order one off the internet.
Apparently there is little I can do or say that shocks him any more.
Smart man.
He said he trusts my shopping skills.
Plus he remembers me repeatedly pointing out that on a couple of recent trips
my back didn't hurt after sleeping on different hotel mattresses.
He said if it would help my back stop my complaining then to just go for it.

Here's what convinced me to try a Christeli mattress.
{And no, this is not sponsored in any way, shape, or form,
just an honest opinion.}
1. Its a family owned company, started in 1931.
2. Its based in South Carolina.
You know I'm biased towards the South.
And if that's wrong I don't want to be right.
3. I read about the design, and the reviews,
examined a chart that compares theirs to leading competitors.
Then I took their little quiz to see which mattress it would pair me with.
I got my husband to answer the questions too.
We matched on two out of three recommendations.
Now it may not surprise you that we picked the Charleston.

I won't deny I was drawn to it because of the name
but I also liked that you can flip the bottom portion
to adjust the feeling from soft to firm and vice versa.
What can I say?
I'm a Libra.
I like choices.

In the end I could have tested out the competitors at a local mattress shop
{of which there are far too many here in Houston if you ask me}
but I honestly didn't want the high pressure sales pitch.
We're suckers remember?
So over July 4th weekend I placed the order.
And held my breath in case I'd just made a big $$$$ mistake.
Because I KNEW I'd have a lot of explaining to do
if this turned out to be a mattress mirage.
The next day I got a phone call from Christeli,
 thanking me for my order
and confirming my shipping address.
Also they reiterated that someone would need to be home
to sign for the two boxes our mattress would arrive in.
Insert wide eyed emoji here.
Then a few days later I got email notification
that our newly made mattress had been shipped
and would arrive on Friday.
True to word our new king sized mattress Friday morning,
in two boxes, each around the size of a side table.
Now they were heavy
but not so heavy
that one person couldn't carry them.
Because one person did.
Luckily that person wasn't me.
The FedEx guy brought them in the house for me
and our dear friend and neighbor
knew I wasn't feeling well,
and volunteered to carry them upstairs.
The only positive thing about me being sick.
{Note shipping is included but I'm pretty sure I read
that you can pay to have to carried inside and set up for you.
Call them to double check me.}
It seriously felt like Christmas morning for me the day it arrived.
But just like presents sit under the tree until December 25
I had to wait to take apart the bed in our youngest's room
{that he hasn't slept in since he left the crib...don't ask. long story}
then move our old queen bed into that room,
so that we could put together the new king sized bed I ordered.
Only the bed frame itself got delayed until Monday.
But I couldn't take it any longer.
We moved the beds Saturday morning
and let me just say that there is no way
on God's green earth
that my husband and I could ever be on Amazing Race
or any other show like it.
We are like two peas in a pod for everything
when the use of tools for DIY projects are involved.
Man, if y'all could've been a fly on our wall that day.
We got it done.
Then came the fun part.
We decided not to wait on the bed frame.
We opened the boxes, then gently opened the plastic wrap
surrounding the mattress top and bottom.
Once you take off the protective wrapping
the mattress inflates and after about five minutes its ready to go.
My husband carried all the boxes and plastic to recycle and came back
to find me putting the mattress cover and sheets on the bedless mattress.
He said it reminded him of his college days
with a bed on the floor.
Uh huh I mumbled, continuing to make the bed,
like a woman on a mission.
I think it hit him then.
He goes...
"are you gonna take a nap today?"
You're a winner.
Thank you for playing!
Let me share something that might not be so secret.
If you can't sleep at night, chances are you have a problem sleeping during the day too.
At least I do.
Or rather did.
Because I'm telling you
the minute I laid down on our new mattress
I thought I was in heaven.
I kind of was really
because I actually and truly
fell into a deep sleep.
For over two hours.
My husband was like holy crap cow she took a nap.
Because that NEVER happens.
I think he was even more surprised when a few hours later
he found me in my pajamas,
on the new mattress,
remote in hand,
happy as a clam.
He goes "uh, you going to bed already?
uh, its not even eight o'clock?"
I said "I'm in love with this bed. I'm here if y'all need me.
 But I'm not getting up again til morning"
True enough I slept like a baby.
Any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.
Because I could talk about this bed all day long.
But at night you know where I'll be.
On my new Christeli
Loving every blissful minute of sleep.


  1. Glad you are on the mend finally, and that your mammo was all clear!!

    1. Thanks so much! I thought of you bc I know you've had this scare too. {{hugs}}

  2. Hmmmm I will have to check them out!! I have all the same problems as you my dear only you are much younger than I!!

    1. I'm telling you its crazy how much my sleep has improved. The only bad thing is now ALL i want to do is get in bed. I'm actually taking naps on weekends. #neverhappens! and I'm sleeping until the alarm goes off. CRAZY GOOD!

    2. No pressure but If you order send me an email first...if you give them my name they said they'd give you $50 off and $50 to me for a future order... i'm ordering one for all my boys ;)

  3. You are a gifted writer and make me laugh! Is it weird that I want to come over and try out your bed? We don't need a new bed yet, ours is an 8 year old, Sealy Posturpedic bought from one of the mattress stores seen on every corner in Houston. Fortunately I have slept well on it! Will definitely look into Christeli when we decide to get a new one.

    I think I have had the same virus, it has lasted FOREVER! Horrible cough that nearly did me in and sounded like I smoked 2 packs a day. Finally feeling better 4 weeks later, it was bad! Glad to hear you got a good report on your mammogram.

  4. I am glad you are well! I actually have to take my dear friend for surgery this week for recurrent breast cancer. She had cancer 4 years ago had bilateral radical mastectomies and unfortunately they never got it all. Thank goodness it has not spread so we are optimistic. I hope you get better Summer illnesses are a bummer!! xo K

  5. Getting enough sleep is a struggle for me too. I've suffered from insomnia since I can remember. It seems like I've tried everything, but to be honest, I never thought of buying a new mattress. Maybe getting a new one is the solution. You've convinced me to go try out a few at our local mattress store. I'm biased towards family run businesses too!


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