Friday, August 26, 2016


I just signed up for another Brene Brown e-course.
Because I'll shout it off roof tops til the day I die...
her "Living Brave" semester changed my life
and I'm hoping her new parenting class does the same...

sometimes you snooze, you lose

When I first saw this suzani on 
a few weeks ago 
I thought it was beyond lovely 
and just perfect for the foot of my new bed...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Did you hear that?
Neither did I.
You know why?
Back to school time baby.
I love my crew to the moon and back
but I'm loving the feeling that comes 
after you fix them breakfast,
make a bag lunch for them,
then slow roll it through the drop off line.
Its called peace and quiet and I haven't had any for three months.
Can I get a high five?

Friday, August 19, 2016

southern state of mind

While we were booking the trip to Disney last month
I said sheepishly said to the hubs...
you know, if we're in Florida, 
we may as well rent a car
and drive up to Savannah.
Surprisingly he agreed.
Well, not so surprisingly really.
He knows how much I love my dad
and how I cry at the thought
that every time I see him
 it will be the last time.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Disney or bust

then you'll know we took a little vacay
to the east coast recently.
We weren't planning on another trip this summer
But then somehow over the long July 4th weekend
my husband started mentioning Disney World.
Secretly I think he wanted to go,
having grown up in a family that worshiped loved WDW.
He tells fond memories of how his family would drive to Orlando,
then stay in their pop-up camper for two weeks
while going to WDW every day.
Don't think me a snob but that ain't my idea of a holiday.
My idea of roughing it is staying at a Holiday Inn.
Thankfully he knows his wife's limits.
He mentioned that while camping they would always pass by 
one of the original Disney resorts, the Polynesian.
Now we're talking!
I could tell by his smile when he was talking
that he really wanted to go
but what's weird is that he is a planner.
As in he's already talking about next year's summer vacation.
So for him to say "hey, let's go somewhere next month" is truly unusual. 
Without hesitation I said "Book it Danno!"
{if you're under, say, 45 then that line went right over your head ;)
if so, google the 70's series Hawaii 5-0}
And so we did.

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