Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Did you hear that?
Neither did I.
You know why?
Back to school time baby.
I love my crew to the moon and back
but I'm loving the feeling that comes 
after you fix them breakfast,
make a bag lunch for them,
then slow roll it through the drop off line.
Its called peace and quiet and I haven't had any for three months.
Can I get a high five?

You'll be proud to know that I didn't shed a tear at either drop off.
Yes, miracles do happen.
I did get a pang in my heart while dropping off the twins
at their new middle school.
For the first time we didn't walk them inside.
Believe me I asked if I could.
Even though my heart panged at the milestone
I was so proud of them for being brave.
It was as important for me to let them do it on their own
as it was for them to do it on their own.
Because that's what we want for them right?
To be independent.
I hope its ok to share this...
last night after everyone else was in bed
I went to go check on my mini-me
{looks like me, acts like me, mini-me}.
As I kissed him good night he said 
"Mom, can I tell you something?"
My heart stopped.
You never know which way this could go right?
Maybe good, maybe bad.
Of course you can I whispered.
He said...

you know Mom, I was really nervous this morning.
Like really nervous.
When we got out of the car
I wasn't sure what to do or where to go
or if I'd know anybody.
Then I saw Casey {a friend from elementary school}.
She was with her sisters right ahead of me.
Her sisters are older and have been there {at school} for a year or two.
I figured they knew what to do.
I just watched them, to see where they went.
Casey was laughing with her sisters
and they were joking around.
So I figured if they were laughing, 
they weren't nervous
so maybe I should try not to be nervous too.
And I was, but not as bad. 
{{{heart growing}}}

I wish I would have thought to say this...

We just sat there for a minute as he told me this story.
So thankful was I that he opened his little heart to me.
I told him that I was so proud of the person he is now
and of who he is becoming.
I reminded him that every student and probably teacher 
is nervous on the first day, 
even if they want to go back to school.
I think that anytime you do something for the first time 
you're likely to be nervous.
But every time after that, it gets easier.
At least for people like us. ;)
He's definitely my mini-me.
I'm just glad I've done the inner work to know
and to hopefully teach him how to...

Ok y'all.
It's going to be a great week! 
What's on your to-do list?
I'm ready to crush mine!


  1. So sweet. And yes, I have a teacher for a daughter and a grad student. They still get those butterflies!!! Part nerves, part excitement!!!
    Hope the week goes well for them.

  2. Well my oldest is heading into her last year of college so actually I would love to have those days back ! Now I do not know day to day what two of mine are up to and I miss that. Enjoy and keep being such a great Mom!

  3. So sweet and what a great job raising that boy!
    Ben is in second grade and our school changed their firs day rule.
    No parents allowed beyond the front door! Imagine how shocked I was
    when they stopped me from entering. Ben was fine, just a little wave over his shoulder.

  4. Keep being a wonderful mom ♥


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