Friday, August 26, 2016

sometimes you snooze, you lose

When I first saw this suzani on 
a few weeks ago 
I thought it was beyond lovely 
and just perfect for the foot of my new bed...

with its blues and greens...

truly my favorite color combination...

I bookmarked it because it was pricey...$395
I kept checking on it...because that's how I roll
when things are more expensive than my budget allows
{or more than I want to pay}
I usually bookmark it then check back, 
you know, to see if it miraculously goes on sale. 
Four honey for something to drape over my bed
is a lot in my humble opinion.
Not judging.
Just saying I have three college tuitions to finance.
Who's with me?
Then one day I went to drool over it look at it again.
But it was gone.
My heart sank.
A sure sign I wanted it.
It was one of a kind.
Sometimes when you snooze you lose I thought to myself.
I'd waited too long.
That's just wasn't meant to be.
Then about a week later 
a creepy pop-up ad came up on my side screen.
You know how internet providers and websites
keep tabs on what you look at
then send targeted ads your way?
Well, low and behold there it was!
In a pop up ad!
Could it be one and the same?
The suzani I loved?
If it was I was going all in.
It would be MINE!!!!
I clicked through the ad
and immediately noted the same pictures 
that took my breath away on furbish...
all one, two, three of them...

but now its on One Kings Lane for,
wait for it,
drumroll please,
Insert sad eyed emoji here.
If I debated the purchase for four honey, well, 
you know I'm going to pass on it for nine honey.
Talk about a price difference.
I may need smelling salts right about now.
I think I just passed out.
I need a snooze.

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  1. How weird! It just goes to show that price is subjective!
    It is what someone will pay for it:) I pass on things all the time that don't fit my price frame:)
    You have great taste! Just keep looking!!!
    Happy weekend to you and yours!

  2. OH MAN! No cool, One Kings Lane!

  3. I can see how you could fall in love with it, Nancy! I'm done on One Kings Lane - way overpriced and not worth it. Hopefully, it will show up on another site for a decent price. Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh I have been there so many times.. afraid to pull the trigger then the darn piece of furniture triples in price months later! Look on ebay or etsy!! good luck, K

  5. Pretty one on ETSY!
    at - istanbulcarpet


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