Wednesday, September 28, 2016


I thought I'd start this week with a Monday post
but here it is Wednesday.
I would say "how'd that happen?" as in
how there's not enough time in the day
but honestly all hell broke loose in our 'hood on Monday.

First let me back up to Sunday.
Sunday evening, a friend from our running group
sent a text about a runner in our neighborhood
who got held up at gunpoint while on a run.
At 7:15 am in broad daylight.
So the texts start flying between our group,
how to stay safe,
what to do, what not to do, if we're approached, etc.
Then two of our peeps jumped in the thread
saying that the suspects approached them that same morning
while they were running through the 'hood,
seemingly just before the crooks held up the male runner at gunpoint.
They got a bad feeling about the truck as it slowed down in front of them
so they turned around the other way
and ran like hell.
Close call right?
So Monday morning we met as usual before dawn
and kind of reaffirm what we always do...
no one runs alone,
we try to keep the different pace groups within eye sight,
always wait at meeting spot
until everyone gets back and is accounted for
before we leave to go home.
No man or woman left behind.
We talked about changing our route that day
but as I pointed out,
crime is everywhere,
we just have to stay alert and listen to our gut.
Seriously, what else can you do?
The run was fine, nothing happened.
End of story,
I thought.
As I got home from the run Monday morning
I could hear a helicopter hovering overhead.
Not unusual, well, maybe a little.
 I wondered what was going on but went on with our morning routine.
Until I got another text on our running group thread.
This time it said
"active shooter {in the 'hood} right now."
She named cross streets near my house.
I ran turn on the television and sure enough
all hell was breaking loose
and the parking lot of my grocery store down the street
 looked like a movie set, with more police cars and ambulances
than I have ever seen in one place.
Now if you saw any news at all about the shootings here
you might have read that it was a shooting in the shopping center.
Nope, that's not what happened.
Some guy,
 for reasons I will never ever comprehend,
stood on the street outside his home
between his Porsche sports car and a tree
and systematically shot at people leaving for work,
he shot at parents driving their kids to school,
he shot at anyone and everyone passing by
 as they started their Monday morning routines.
He reloaded from his sports car for an hour.
Stunned drivers who were hit
pulled over into the shopping centers nearby,
looking for safety.
They said he used a laser,
drivers who were hit
recalled seeing the laser dot on them in their car
before their windows and windshields exploded.
One neighbor on that street, a true hero
{I'm hoping that they find out his identity}
took his flashlight and ran down the end of the street
to warn oncoming traffic to avoid turning down that street
and into the waiting trap of a crazy lunatic.
One guy walking his dog that morning
happens to be a cameraman at a nearby tv station.
He took video on his cell phone
showing cops from our little town within Houston,
on the scene within two minutes of the first 911 call,
as they walk cautiously towards the sound of gun fire.
Towards I repeat,
not away from,
the line of fire.
I've watched that video on replay numerous times
and my eyes never fail to well up
at the bravery of men and women in uniform
who serve and protect our communities every day.
Now listen.
I know there are bad eggs out there.
Just like the bad egg that lost his mind and shot nine people
in my neighborhood on Monday.
Bad eggs are everywhere.
But so are good ones.
Like the neighbor guy warning everyone away from the chaos,
and the officer, hand on holster, walking towards the gunfire.
I'm sure they too were scared to death
but they did what they felt they needed to do,
they did what was the right thing to do,
and I'm sure saved lives in the process.

always in a southern state of mind

I made this quote box for a different post
but as I got to typing
it seems so apropo for this post too...
I got to thinking about it this morning.
I have a few minutes alone with my older boys
in the car as I drive them to school.
I've started taking that few minutes every day
to remind them of a few things...
like how much I love them.
How much I love who they are now
and who they are becoming.
Today I told them this...
be the light in this world
where so many evil people are trying to cast darkness.
Be the light instead.
Be the person who sees the good in every one,
in every day.
Count your blessings, not your problems.
Be the one to approach the person sitting alone,
extend your hand, say hello.
Smile and look them in the eyes at the very least.
Be the first to apologize
and learn to let stuff go...
don't take other people's actions personally...
remind yourself they could just be having a bad day,
it's not always about you.
Be good and do good.
Think of a way to help others and do it.
Above all, be courageous.
Don't let fear stand in your way of doing anything.
Especially the right thing.
That's what the world needs now.


  1. Well said Nancy. What a scary time for your family and neighbors. I'llkeep you in my prayers.

  2. Oh close to home. Earlier this week there was a shooting nearby, not too close but close enough. It happened just as schools were dismissing and caused chaos with the school buses. Unfortunately one man passed away from his injuries. If it had happen 15 mins later, those bullets would have hit our children.

    Just hug your little ones more often and longer.


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