Thursday, September 8, 2016

high versus my {greek key mirror}

way back when in 2011.
It's thrilling for me to find the look for less when it comes to decorating.
The truth is I've been a decor detective for most of my adult life.
I'm sure it has a lot to do with seeing my parents
rebuild their lives
after a house fire destroyed everything we owned
when I was a little girl, eight years old to be exact.
My parents would buy second hand furniture
or bring home items people tossed on the curb
and fix them up with paint and elbow grease.
The true definition of the saying 
"One man's trash is another man's treasure."

Over the years they've amassed some pretty nice pieces.
Some DIY'd and others restored for them by artisans in Savannah
as they got back on their feet again.
I grew up knowing that you don't have to spend top dollar
to decorate and make your space a place you love.
I guess it was inevitable how I garnered my nickname,
now the name of my business.
One of the services I offer is sourcing decor items.
Whether its part of a design board I've created for a client
or a client who needs helping find a specific decor item
within a certain budget range,
my goal is always to find a piece they'll love 
at the best possible price point.
That's just how I roll.
Sale is my favorite {four letter} word and 
coupon code + free shipping my favorite phrase ever.
I always compare vendor prices
along with differences in taxes collected
and shipping costs plus discounts.
Which is how I managed to save a dear client
more than fifty percent 
on this mirror she loved for her study...


priced at $349 plus $30 handling and
additional $$ for taxes and shipping charges
with the same look for less...


This version is $265 plus $30 oversize handling + tax
includes free shipping + a coupon code for 10% off.
Nice savings right?
But not quite 50% if you're keeping track.
Turns out my client decided she liked the silver version just as well...

Major score!
This sweet silver version
at $192 with 15% total in coupon discounts,
only $20 in oversize handling fees, 
free shipping,
and less tax $ on a lower sum
was less than half the price of the one 
she originally considered buying.
The additional savings are like icing on a cake!
I love my job and 
{I hope its ok to say}
 I love my clients.
Speaking of...
I have seven design slots available for the rest of 2016.
Shoot me an email or send up a smoke signal 
if you'd like help sourcing an item for your home
or pulling off a room update.
I'd love to help. 

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