Sunday, September 18, 2016

favorite finds

You may have heard me use the term
"domino decisions" as in 
one decorating decision that leads to another.
What started out with a giant turtle shell
led to new light fixtures for my kids' rooms.
{Yes, that would be plural...more on that later}
Until the electrician shows up next week to install them.
Then the hubs will know its for realz.
The good news is that I finally figured out where to hang
the chippy green industrial light fixture 
I found in Round Top a few trips ago.
Sometimes it takes me a while y'all.
I find things I love and then hold onto them until 
I figure out where to put them.
I know.
That's probably the same excuse hoarders use, right?
Some call it hoarding, I prefer the term "collector."
No matter what you call it,
I'm happy to say that last night
whilst in the midst of some decorating domino decisions
I stumbled onto the fall collection for Nate Berkus at Target.
Herewith my favorites...

I know I don't NEED this coffee table
but I think I love it just the same...

I found it whilst searching for a new bedside table for one of my kids.
I love this one...

but like the coffee table it is "currently unavailable." 
What up with that Tarjay?
Oy vey.

What IS available is this small accent table...

and you know I'm a sucker for anything "campaign"


or wait! 

A couple of these would be dy-no-mite!

and while we're on the subject of multiples
I'll take a few of these...

to hang on either side of our new bed a la this...

Because I'm an equal opportunity buyer
I'll take two of these for the boys' shared bath...

I'm sorry but I love the pattern.
Speaking of patterns I love
these remind me of Betwixt they you?

They come in light beige and navy.

Now if this tasseled throw came in navy
I'd be all over it 
{or under it as the case may be} 

These skirted slipper chairs come in five colorways
and would be perfect for my a dining room update...

{because I'm always planning ahead ;)}

and I'm love love loving this pillow top bench

especially the pretty peg legs.
Hubba hubba. 

Click here to see all of Nate's line for Target. 
Let me know if you find any favorites too :)


  1. You've got the eye Miss Decor Detective and as my girls and I say-
    you are a good 'finder'.
    Those are great gifts :)


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