Tuesday, September 6, 2016

house in the 'hood

Happy day after Labor Day! 
Hope you had a relaxing weekend.
We spent part of ours decluttering
{which for OCD people like me is relaxing}
and the rest of the weekend celebrating my husband's birthday.
More on that another day.
Let's start this week off with a house in the 'hood...

This is a new build {hence the missing appliances above}
but you'll note the layout is pretty similar to most around here.
I love the windows above the kitchen cabinets
that make this area so light and bright.

I also like the way they didn't divide the shelves 
on the built-ins below...
much cleaner look.

The view from back to front...

the dining room is off to the right in the picture above.
I love the chic but simple choices they used in staging...

Also up front is a little office area...

This home is a front loader so the garage occupies the other side of the house.

Upstairs the master bedroom has a nice surprise...

...a built in fire place.
I think we've used ours a handful of times in a decade.
I wish Houston had seasons instead of hot, hotter, and hot and humid.
This master bathroom brings sweet relief to that thought...

I'm planning a little bathroom reno of my own.
Definitely pinning that soaking tub for inspiration.
I've told the hubs its on my radar.
Just need to let it soak into his brain.

Ok y'all.
I know it feels like a Monday but its already Tuesday.
Let's do this!

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  1. I'll take that master bath please. And could you throw in that kitchen for good measure? Have a great week, Nancy.

    1. I know right? That's why I love doing this series because I could totally take at least one room from each house and be as happy as a clam!

  2. Ha! We have a fireplace in our master that never gets used as well! Have a great week Nancy!!

    1. they are dreamy though! i promise to use mine this fall if you do ;)

  3. Really I may have to move down south!!!


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