Thursday, September 22, 2016

house in the 'hood

Hope your week is going well.
Not sure how it's already Thursday.
The week started off on a slow roll
until my painter texted me out of the blue
to say he had time to do some projects 
I'd mentioned to him before.
The ones I'd casually talked about
but hadn't actually planned.
{insert wide eyed emoji here}
Which is why you've heard zilch from me until now.
Three bathrooms now torn apart
but painted all pretty,
one ready for wallpaper.
The wallpaper I haven't picked yet.
Not complaining.
Just saying everyone in my house is looking at me
like when's the house going to be put back together and finished.
Put back together?
Asap I promise.
I'm working on it.
{That's my version of an evil/goofy laugh ;)}
As my friend Holly texted me last week
"our homes are our laboratories"
where we try out new colors and finishes,
and get our decorating groove on.
Some people cook, 
others craft or sew...
my creative outlet is decorating,
or serial {re-}decorating as the case may be.
If that's wrong, I don't want to be right.
One of the places I get my inspiration from is 
perusing homes for sale here in Houston
on the world's best real estate site 

What started out as me saving my favorites to my desktop
turned into my most popular series feature
I get so many ideas for my "laboratory" and I hope you do too.
Herewith my favorite for this week...

You don't see many bungalows getting saved around here anymore.
Sad but true, more often that not,
these little gems get knocked down in favor 
of building big, bigger, or the biggest {home}...
this is Texas after all.
I knew as soon as I saw the facade below it was going to be good.

I just didn't realize how good. 
You may want to grab a drink and take a seat first.
I'll give you time.
Go ahead.
Settle in...

Below is the view from the entry into the living room 
and beyond into the reading room...

I know.
It's lovely isn't it?
Two words that won't surprise you at all
 as to who did the interiors...Ginger Barber.
Enough said.

The reverse view, from the reading room into the living room...

and from the reading room back into the study...

The custom shades are by Conrad.

Not to confuse you but there is also a den...

This home was built in 1925,
back when rooms were smaller.
It reminds me of my grandmother's house,
how it would wind from room to room,
with big solid doors between each
that were closed when not in use
to keep it warmer in the winter
and wide open to allow for air to flow in the summer.
Oh how I love old houses.
I wish more people would preserve them.
But I digress...
back to the study which is at the very back of the house...

and with a view out onto the back loggia.
Turning around and back into the reading room...

you can orient yourself to go into the kitchen...
{get your pinning finger ready}

The kitchen is AH-mazing and includes
Viking appliances and the requisite Shaws farmhouse sink.
I don't know for sure
but something tells me
Segreto Finishes has been here before...
look at the paint finish on the cabinets...

In case you didn't know shiplap is "in"!
Here it's carried from the kitchen into the butler's pantry...

and even into the dining room.

Now this is unique, 
especially if you know the topography of Houston...
an underground wine cellar.

The antique chandelier is from Brian Stringer Antiques,
the decorative wall doors from Chateau Domingue.
The beamed ceiling, my favorite thing in the room.
Besides the wine ;) 

The master bedroom...

apparently has its own coffee bar,
with refrigerator, sink, and instant hot water.
And its own private porch to drink said coffee...

Where do I sign on the dotted line?

The master bath...

One of the secondary bedrooms...

and another has its own sink, refrigerator, and microwave.
If I was a guest here I might never leave. 

Back downstairs let's look at the powder room...
 it has a gorgeous limestone sink
and note the shower in the mirror reflection.

Makes me wonder if I should do ship lap in ours
instead of wallpaper?
Writing that down.

This is the first "house in the 'hood" 
that I can ever remember 
the outside spaces rivaling the inside...

The view looks back into the study...

This house doesn't seem to ever end!
Here's the wrap around L-shaped screened in porch...

with its custom painted ceiling and floor...

not to mention the outdoor kitchen with Kitchen Aid gas grill...

If you want a home for entertaining this is it!
I think this home just took it up a notch,
at least outside,
when I didn't think that possible.

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  1. Wow. I love this house!!! I'm going back to scroll and drool....

  2. Wow, wow, wow! This house is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My favorite house that you have shown in your "House in the Hood" series! I love everything about it and pinned nearly every room! Just beautiful.

  4. My kind of house. New build? Not for me. Slobber fest.


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