Thursday, September 15, 2016

new 'do

I'll start off by addressing the obvious.
 I gave my blog a little makeover. 
How do you like it? 
Seriously. I'd like to know. 
As in do me a favor and leave a comment below. 
Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Seriously if you only knew 
how many "new blog" links 
I've saved to my desktop you might say: 

"Nancy, step away from the keyboard. 
You need help. Plus its about to explode."

Part of my dilemma was whether to 
make the big switch from blogger to wordpress.
Because I love blogger.
Now all you wordpress fans
I know. I know.
The themes are so pretty.
True eye candy.
But to make that switch was overwhelming to me.
Technically challenged little ol' me.
 The biggest reason to switch for me
was to get a more professional look
since, after all, I'm pursuing my passion
with my new business. 
That said you know that I'm not afraid to google 
or find a 12 year old tech guru on youtube 
to help teach this old broad a new trick.
All my searches finally paid off y'all.
I found instructions for making a gallery in blogger.
{insert the sound of angels singing}
I'm slightly proud that all the pictures are perfectly aligned.
At least they are to my aging eyes.
If you see a mistake, please let me gloat for a day
before you email me that they're off.
 In the meantime look around if you have time.
I'm still working on things but feel free to
send me suggestions,
let me know about any glitches,
send up a smoke signal to say
that I'm still on the internet.
Maybe I hit the wrong button.
Who knows.
In any event if you're reading this,
thanks for sticking with me.
It means more than you know.

ps...if you blog via blogger
and would like to update your blog
I would highly recommend using
get polished 
The customer service can't be beat...
Chelsea helped me fix my blog header lickety split
{because of my lonnngggg blog name ;)}
and right now all of her blog themes are on sale
and you know how I feel about that!


  1. I think it looks great. I have been wanting to update mine for awhile now, but I am not tech savvy at all. My oldest created my existing page. And yes, she could do it again, but is super busy with her own life!! Love your profile picture too.

    1. left this in a comment on your blog just now but thought I'd share it here too. check out these themes by get polished:
      they give terrific instructions on how to upload. if i can do it, anyone can :)

  2. It looks great! I would love to know the tutorial that you used for your gallery.

    1. Hey Elizabeth! Thanks so much. I found this tutorial while trying to DIY a portfolio gallery myself and was so appreciative I ended up buying a template :) Check them out:

  3. Nancy I am SO proud of you!!! You did this all by yourself? I love the new look and I need to get braver about jumping in and learning how the heck to update my blog too. Love your header and new photo. I'm off to see the portfolio page...

    1. Hey Leslie! I installed it all by myself :) and I'm extremely proud of that. ha! it took me all day but i did it! high five! a great local houston photographer {haley ottmann} took my photo and then i learned how to crop and resize it today through the tutorials on "get polished" which is where i bought the theme. :) email me if you have any questions and i'll send links to pages that helped me.

  4. Nancy.. I love everything about your new look - it looks so clean and easy to read while being attractive. My #1 is supposed to do an update on mine - it should happen sometime 2055 when I'm long gone. But enough about me. It looks great and your portfolio is positively stunning!!! YOU GO GIRL!!!!

    1. Katie I love you and I've never even met you :) i'm in no way being compensated by get polished but i feel like i'm their new spokesperson because i'm so impressed with their product and their customer service. if you want an update before 2055 ;) check out their themes and they can either install it for you or i would be happy to help. let me know :)

  5. I love it!! I think I need a makeover since I see all my favorite bloggers looking so clean and sharp!! XO K

  6. Love it, Nancy! It looks great and I'm so proud of you for pursuing your passion and talent. :) Love your picture as well!


    1. Thanks Annette :) you're so sweet. call me when you have time...we need to catch up!

  7. Looks great! Easy to navigate and your portfolio page is stunning! You've got a great design eye! Way to go!

    1. i don't know who you are but i'm loving you :) thanks :)

  8. Great work, Nancy! It looks fantastic! Polished and fresh. I think I'll click around and stay a while. Well done, my friend.


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