Friday, September 2, 2016


Call me crazy
but I started another 40 bags clean out
to celebrate the start of the school year.
I usually do it as a part of Lent
but it feels like
we turned into hoarders over the summer,
stuffing things in drawers and closets
to avoid seeing daily clutter
so its time to organize and let go of things.
Plus because I love to multi task
I've rearranged three rooms in the house.
As in move furniture.
By myself.
The hubs was not pleased 
because he made me promise to help him 
move his desk back to the other side of the room tonight.
Apparently he doesn't share my vision for his space.
Insert rolling eyes emoji here.

One thing I personally love about getting more organized
is that I finally found a place to put
this ginormous faux turtle shell
that I scored last summer...

always in a southern state of mind

Perseverance people!
I found it again after a year, you guessed it, in a closet.
Sometimes my decorating ideas are more of a long term plan.
Since we've switched up the beds and bedrooms for the boys
{a quick rundown if I haven't already done it:
the twin beds separated,
one twin moved into his own room
with our old queen size bed,
one twin and the youngest now share a room,
each with his own twin bed.
And no, no one sleeps in "their" own bed by themselves
which was the whole point of moving around furniture 
in the first place.
One day I tell myself.
One day everyone will want their own space.
And sleep through the night peacefully.
Myself included.
I hope.
Back to the turtle shell.
I just never could find a spot on the wall for it.
Then, with the twins' transition to middle school it hit me.
One afternoon during the first week of school
 one of them jumped in the car at pick up
and looked kind of downtrodden.
He wouldn't tell me what was wrong
but his twin totally fessed up.
A girl in his PE class was being ugly to him,
talking trash the way kids do I guess.
At first I told him...and I know this is wrong y'all,
I said whoa, use your words right back...
if she says, hey what's wrong with your ________?
You say "what's wrong with yours?"
Of course I woke up in the middle of the night
in a panic about my bad advice to him.
I told him I was wrong the next morning before school.
I said look, everyone is just trying to figure life out,
especially in middle school.
Everyone you meet is fighting battles you know nothing about.
You don't know what {that girl} goes through at home,
how she was raised, if it was with kindness or not.
Just try to ignore her and her taunts.
Try to be kind even when she's being mean.
Walk away.
Tell her to stop.
Wish her well.
Do what you can to do the right thing.
You can't fight ugly with ugly.
Because in the long run you'll always regret it if you do.
You know she's wrong.
Show her what goodness looks like.
Maybe she'll take a clue from you,
and yes, maybe she won't but 
you'll know in your heart that you tried
and that you chose to do the right thing.
You'll never regret doing the right thing I told him.

I thought about this all week.
This guy is my mini-me.
I know how his mind works, like the back of my hand.
It's not hard for him to do the right thing
it is hard for him to stand up for himself.
He'll get there.
I know he will.
Slowly but surely.
Do you know where this is going?
So as I'm cleaning out the closet
where decor items go 
until I figure out where to put them
I found the turtle shell.
And it hit me.
It needs to go in his new room.
I put it right above his new bed...

always in a southern state of mind

and plan to add more little ones surrounding it like this

and this from design indulgence...

when we go to Round Top later this month.
{Holla!!!!! Can't wait!!!!!!}

In the meantime I'm happy to report that
my mini-me gets my vision for the room
{unlike his dad for his office, ha!}
He came home from school Monday
and was so relieved to tell me 
that the girl who'd been giving him a hard time
was actually nice to him in class that day.
Crossing my fingers it lasts :)
I'd forgotten that I'd spent the morning zhushing his room.
He came running downstairs after we got home...
"Mom, Mom! I love the turtle shell in my room.
Thanks for spending your day moving stuff around."
I told him that I was so glad to have found a special place to put it.
I said I'd been thinking about him and his dilemma at school
as I was cleaning and decorating when it hit me.
The shell reminded me of him in so many ways.
I'm here to protect him and his brothers 
as they grow and learn how to do it for themselves.
We're all making mistakes but we'll get there.
If ever he can't figure out what to do 
he can always come to me or his dad
but also he should think of the turtle 
and its outer protective shell.
He's got to let things people say roll off his shell back
and not always take things people say to heart.
I told him to always remember your own strength
and part of that is believing in yourself
and knowing when to stand up for yourself
and when to let stuff go.
Things people say may not always about him personally
but maybe just that person is having a bad day.
Always try to give people the benefit of the doubt.
When words hurt you, remember your shell.
Don't let anyone else's opinion of you define you, 
believe in your own self worth.
Let it bounce off your shell.
Remember that some people may underestimate the turtle 
because they are different than most. 
They do their own thing, roll their own way.
They move sllllooooowwww but they always keep going.
Never quit, never stop moving forward.
For slow and steady always wins the race.


  1. Love this sweet story! And, adore the turtle shell above the bed in his room.

  2. Beautiful! Great advice for everyone no matter the age. Thank you.

  3. Hi Nancy... I had lunch with Christine from Suburban Charm last week and she said that she almost met you, but the stars were not aligned. We both said that we both hoped to meet you in person some day. Love the turtle shell! Have a great weekend.

  4. This turtle shell is beautiful ! Thank you Nancy for proposing me your help if we go to Savannah. It is on my list of the places I would like to visit in the States. If you come to Paris, I will be happy to help you too ! Caroline

  5. I know I always purge in the Fall! I think I need to hit Round Top this year!!
    xo K


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