Monday, October 10, 2016

boho bedding

I'm happy, no, make that ecstatic
that it really and truly feels like fall here.
Leaves are even falling off the trees.
{Although that could be the record heat too. Ha!}
October is absolutely my favorite month of the year.
Truly if we could keep it like this all year I would.
Not sure if that has anything to do with the fact
that since I turned 30 {mumbling} years ago
I celebrate the entire month of October
not just my birthday.
If that's wrong I don't want to be right. Ha!
BTW...a very happy belated birthday to Mary Ann.
October babies rock ;)
Whether its your birthday or not
I hope this month is treating you well so far.

Somehow, well, I know how but its a truly long story,
one I'm sure I'll write about here soon,
somehow I started updating a couple of rooms in our home.
Three bathrooms.
That turned into three baths and a couple of bedrooms.
Because that's the way my brain works.
Domino decisions y'all.
No pretty before and afters...yet.
Stay tuned for that.
But I thought I'd share some cool boho bedding I've found
in case you're looking to do some updating yourself.

It started with this print...


because I'm now obsessed with Quadrille's Sigourney design.
It all started when I suggested it to a client
as wallpaper for her powder room reno.
In the end she decided on a smaller scale design by Caitlyn Wilson.
{waiting on project pictures from my photographer...cant. wait.}
No problem.
Well, one little one.
I am officially obsessed with finding a way to use it in our home now.
A fact I've repeatedly dropped to the hubs.
Enough times apparently to have brain washed him into
giving me the go-ahead to update our powder room.
I know.
He's a keeper y'all.

In searching for some details for the bathrooms  I stumbled on this...

Very Sigourney-esqe don't you think?
To me it was a perfect ode to Sigourney
plus the price point was speaking my language.
I had to have it but where to use it?
Thus began the bedrooms updates.
Before I even finished the bathroom projects.
More on that another day.
We'll get there.
Just taking a round-about road.
I'm not surprising you am I?
Didn't think so. ;)
Plus the bedding was on sale
and somehow buttons got pushed,
things got shipped,
and the only thing left to do was to figure out where to put it.
I thinking I would use it in twin B's room.
Another little problem.
He vetoed it.
Never discouraged when I'm serial redecorating
I decided it could go in our guest room.
Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
It's perfect in there although I did return the matching curtains
{they were pretty but not black-out lined}.

Since they were having a bedding sale
and I needed king size everything for our new bed
I perused around, held my breath, and decided to try
this matelasse coverlette for our master bedroom...

Let me say that I love this better than bedding I've spent beaucoup dinero on,
like one from Peacock Alley that shrank like a wet dog.
No bueno.
This one from Tarjay is soft and happily has stayed true to size.
Plus the design is not your grannie's matelasse...
its hip and modern and I love it.

Speaking of modern and hip,
while I was rolling the dice on bedding for us
I also snapped up new bedding for our boys...
one twin scored this shibori dot print for his new room

while the other two sharing a room snagged these striped duvets...

The boys love what I picked.
Not one veto in the bunch.
She shoots, she scores.
I'm telling you, if you need new {affordable} bedding,
especially for kids rooms
definitely check out Target online.
I think you'll be impressed with what you find.
I certainly was ;)


  1. What a great roundup Nancy! I know about the domino effect...I am deep into my own in my home right now!!

    I just bought some hotel type sheets from Target...they need to be washed and put on when I get back from this dream I am having that I am in Paris.


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