Thursday, October 20, 2016

daring greatly

I hope this isn't the case
but beware that this is yet another Brene Brown post.
She did it again.
Made me want to shout her praises again.
Because just last week I emailed my peep Holly
about my favorite quote from Brene's "Daring Greatly" book.
{It's actually a quote by Theodore Roosevelt
but Brene made me love it.}
I emailed Holly to see if she knew where I could get
a "pretty" version of the quote because you know
I'm a sucker for cool fonts and quote boxes.
Holly is such a doll.
She said if we can't find one, we could make our own.
I know.
She's my tribe and as talented as the day is long.

So I searched and they're out there for purchase,
just not what I had in mind,
especially a particular size I wanted
for a particular space in my house
that I've always struggled with.
But just like last year when I'd mumble to myself
"I don't know"
{I had a major internal struggle going on}
I'd look at this particular space in our entry way,
with its multiple light switches,
doorbell box, and a thermostat all crammed on one wall,
and it would bother me more than it should probably.
I'd study it and wonder out loud
about what to do with the space
with the same old, same old
"I don't know."
Every single time I entered or exited.
I know.
I have issues.
Ones I'm constantly working on in my arena.
As well as my house.

If you're a regular around here then you'll know
I found Brene Brown's courageWorks semester in January
and life for me began in a new way.
If you've never struggled with self-compassion
or self-confidence then you might not get it,
what I'm trying to convey...
but for me,
the lessons I learned were nothing short of life changing.
I've tried before here to explain it,
what this class meant to me.
I've tried and probably failed...
it's hard to put into words what is sometimes
etched into the cracks of your soul
from when your heart breaks.
You can put the pieces back together again,
and you have to -
but it doesn't mean it doesn't hurt
when you share your story sometimes,
whether its what caused the crack
or whether its about the salve you used to heal it.
But this quote...
this sums it up for me...


I cry every time I read it.
Like now.
I AM the {wo}man in the arena.
Every single day.
Aren't we all?
The difference in my life now
is that I don't care
what the people in the cheap seats are saying.
They don't matter.
I used to care.
Too much in fact.
I used to put more value on what someone else thought of me
rather than what I thought of myself.
My self compassion skills were in the toilet.
Virtually nonexistent.
Shaking my head now.
I'm so thankful not to be that person any more.
I'm not perfect but I'm now ok with that.

Once I got into the nitty gritty of the class
I realized that the changes I needed to make in my life
were changes I had to
and wanted to make
so that I could break the cycle
for my children...
a cycle of self-perfecting ways that I,
 as a now-recovering perfectionist myself,
could spot a mile away.
Not happening if I can help it.
Not on my watch.

So when I got the email from Brene last week
announcing her collaboration with Sugarboo Designs
to turn some of her favorite quotes into artwork
I held my breath as I searched for it,
then exploded with joy when I saw it!
The man in the arena piece above
and these too...



Merry Christmas to me.
I ordered my quote,
knowing exactly where it will go...
that awkward space in our entry way.
I thought I didn't know what to do with it.
But really I knew it all along deep down.
I'd had this idea about a quote wall in the back of my mind
but never found the perfect words.
Until now.
Now my kids will know these words.
I'll tell them the story of what it means to me once it arrives.
They'll know my struggle.
They will know how hard I tried,
how I still try every day -
to show up,
to be seen,
to dare greatly in my life.
I'll do my best to use these words to teach them
they are worthy, just as they are.
They'll enter their own arenas,
I guess they already have really...
but they'll see this great reminder
as they come and go from our home,
to know that sometimes they will fall,
because we all fall,
but they'll learn how to brush themselves off
so that they can rise up strong,
to try again until they succeed.
Because, in my humble opinion,
 you only fail if you stop trying.

To see all of the pieces offered by Brene and Sugarboo Designs click here.
I hope you find something inspiring for you
or for someone you know...
I'd love to hear about it if you do.
Have a happy weekend!


  1. What a beautiful quote, Nancy. I think almost every one can identify. Have a great weekend.

  2. Brush themselves and rise up strong...I like that.


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