Sunday, October 23, 2016

favorite things for five bucks

You can't buy much these days for five bucks.
But I found a new to me product
and that got me to thinking...
what are some five dollar favorites?
Well...I found five....

I bought this hand soap on a whim
and now am completely obsessed with it...

I'm ordering it by the case so that I always have back-up.
It smells divine.
I wish they made a bar soap with this scent.
Until they do I'm still loving this one...

This smells divine as well
although I wish the scent lingered longer
but it doesn't dry out or break out my sensitive skin
so for me -
its a keeper.

Now if you know me in real life
you'll know I have big lips and I cannot lie
{sorry, I couldn't resist that play on the rap song phrase...
you know the one...} and my lips love this...

I'm never without one.
Or five.
What I do need to get better at applying religiously 
like I do lip balm is this cuticle oil...

Call me crazy but I apply it at night on my toes
then put on white socks until it soaks in.
I need to get better about using it on my hands.
Maybe then I could use this kit...

Now this might be a bit of a stretch at the five bucks title 
but hear me out...
if you buy this set and divide it up
each piece is under $5...
If you're a nail polish connoisseur
you might want to grab this kit quickly...
I think it's a holiday item and sure to sell out.
Call me crazy but this would be ideal to buy
then break up into individual gifts for the holidays.
You could put one of these with the cuticle oil
or something like it and voila...
the perfect little gift for a lady in your life. 

What do you love that's around five bucks?
I need to know!


  1. You have many of my favorite things! Love the Meyers and love that they have refills! I am a huge fan of the Castille soap as well. The Eucalyptus is a good flea repellent!

  2. I haven't tried that hand soap...but I DO love a good smelling soap...nice little luxury.

  3. This is such a fun list. I'm going to bookmark it for stocking stuffers, thanks for sharing it Nancy! Isn't Mrs. Meyers everything the best??

  4. Looks like great stuff. Sent to your link to my girls, too. Have a great week, Nancy!

  5. Dr. Bronner's lavender is my bath soup -- the best!!! I'll definitely try your cuticle oil too. Thanks for the tips!


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