Friday, October 14, 2016

the skin I'm in...still the one{s}

By now you know I'm a self-professed beauty product junkie.
If that is wrong I don't want to be right.
A dear friend of mine knows how I roll in this department
and recently asked what new stuff I was using.
I'm pretty sure I surprised her and myself
when I said not much.
I've kind of gotten into what I think is a pretty good routine.
My skin is really behaving since I cut out wheat.
{Although I admit with my kids birthday,
then my own earlier this week
I fell off the wheat wagon and indulged in 
some heavy carb loading...
nearly bordering on gluttonous inhalation
of buttery bread and birthday cake
like both were going out of style.
But its back on the saddle again,
which both sucks and is good for me at the same time.}
If only I could get gravity to cooperate 
and stop pulling parts of me down
I'd be all good. Ha!
Since I can't fight gravity
I try to fight wrinkles with a few things...

like every night slathering on Cerave's Skin Renewing Cream Serum

I love this stuff.
It's a combo retinol/ceramide complex 
one-two punch to help even out skin tone
 and reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles.
I forgot to mention that beforehand I clean my face using 
my trusty Clarisonic brush and what I think is the best cleanser
for acne prone skin around...

I started using this before I cut out wheat
when I would get crazy hormonal breakouts
{you gotta love the roller coaster called being in your 40s}.
I refuse to be without this cleanser.
It's the bom-diggity. 
As is this machine...

I bought this NuFace microcurrent machine a few years ago.
Let me say this...
its like a piece of gym equipment,
if you don't use it you're not going to tone up.
I can absolutely tell a difference when I use it.
My problem is that I either forget to use it
or I'm rushing to get ready in the morning.
Excuses, excuses.
I need to just think about the end result.
My goal is to use it at night while the kids are getting ready for bed.
If you see me looking like I've been nipped and tucked
 you'll know I met my goal. Ha!
I bought mine through the skin store using a coupon code.
They do this pretty regularly so check there because its $$$
and every bit helps right?

This will be my next skin care purchase...


I've tried a bunch of samples of It Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream.
Normally I stay away from anything "cream" 
but this stuff sinks in without feeling heavy
and is chock full of anti-aging ingredients
that I'm willing to give it a full product jar try.
I'll let you know if I love it like I do the other It products I use
including this one I just bought 
{hence the samples of the cream above}...

I know I've raved about It's foundations before
but this is really IT.
Its sunscreen and tinted skin perfecting fluid 
without the suffocating feel some sunscreens have.
I wear this every day now and love love love it.
Its just enough color to perfect the lovely discoloration that found me in my 40s.
Sometimes I'll dab on a little bit of their Bye Bye Pores pressed powder...

but more times than not it's just a swipe of their lip gloss and go.

Here's a tip...
if there's a product you want to try
check out qvc because they usually have combination sets
of multiple items which is how I've tried out so many
including their fantastic brushes.
BUT if I just need a refill of one item
then I usually just order through the It Cosmetics website itself
because I can usually get free shipping plus three free samples.
Which is what happened earlier this week
when I ordered more of my favorite lip gloss
a free radiance palette with purchase plus a free bag, 
both while supplies last.
Click through to get the code and details.
I don't know about you but free stuff makes me giddy.
Let me know what you get.
Have a glorious weekend y'all! 


  1. I just started using Eminence a Hungarian line of organic products that it really love and I can give you that nuface if you want I think I may work better on a younger face like yours!! XO


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