Monday, December 26, 2016

gifts that keep on giving

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas.
We definitely did.
The biggest hit was a snap circuit toy for my youngest...
all the boys fell in love with it and have spent hours building new inventions.
Its the gift that keeps on giving.
Today they built a working radio.
Maybe one will go into engineering.
You can tell that I'm trying really hard
to let go of my old ocd perfectionist ways...
all their new gear is piled up on the sofas and all over the floor.
I told myself it could stay until the weekend.
Whenever I feel anxious about the mess
I remind myself that
one day I'm going to miss the mess.
The memories are in the mess making.

I'm working on a new house in the 'hood
but decided first to share some items
that I may have purchased recently as gifts
especially since some are still on sale

Like these croc rain boots ...

Except now they're sale on sale!
You're welcome!
Remember when I lost my favorite flip flops in a freak flood?
Yeah, these would have been perfect.

Don't judge but I scored this poker set for game nights...

when we start having game night that is.
It's on my goal list.
I'll get there.
Or I'll get my boys ready for Vegas when they're legal.
It's still on sale...over half off.
Major score and a great guy's gift if you still have somebody to shop for.

I found this frame and threw it in the cart immediately...

I admit I never think about updating picture frames
but now that I've seen some super cool ones like this
I think maybe now's the time.
I think this is going in one of the boys' rooms.
I just updated all the lights in their bedrooms
This choice will make sense when you see what I did.
Happy I didn't resist this one.

This may seem like a weird gift to give
but again,
in the spirit of gifts that keep on giving
and with me having three boys,
two of whom are tweens,
I think this gift needs no words...

Yes, my dears, its D O for their B O.
I stumbled on native deodorant a few months ago
while searching for more natural deodorants for my boys.
I wanted to blog about it before 
but decided to wait until I was sure I liked it.
And I do.
Which is why I'm now buying in bulk.
I love love love that its paraben and aluminum free,
two things I was searching for for my boys.
I bought some for myself first
and hesitantly tried it,
one because you know I've got whack sensitivity issues
and two, you know how some people don't really sweat?
Well, that's not me...I'm the opposite.
So I was worried it wouldn't work.
But it does!
And I have to say that unlike the other popular brand 
I had been using for YEARS
I don't have to reapply during the day,
my underarms don't itch and sting like they used to
for some strange reason,
this stuff seems like it soothes my underarms
and it prevents stink 
so what's not to love?
Well, maybe the price but I'm sold y'all.
My favorite is the lavender and rose scent
but I just bought a set of three new to me scents so stay tuned.

You know I'm addicted to lip products
so it may be no surprise that I picked up one of these the other day...

This five dollar find is my new favorite thing y'all.
It's perfection in hydration and a splash of color.
I need one for every pocket, drawer, and purse.
I scored mine at Target but they're everywhere.
If you need a last minute gift for someone
grab a couple in different colors,
wrap them in a bow
and voila!
it's a great gift for girly girls.


  1. Thanks for the heads up about the deodorant. I've been using the same natural one for awhile, but it sometimes leaves greasy marks on my tees. UGH!!

  2. Nancy... I bought the Burt's Bees lipstick for my girls and me and we love it. Really moisturizes the lips and comes in great colors. Love those green boots. Have a wonderful New Year!!

  3. I've just bookmarked the snap circuit toy - looks so fun! Wishing you all the best in the new year!


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