Wednesday, December 7, 2016

words to live by...courtesy of target

It's me.
Are you still there?
I'm here.
It's been nearly a month since I checked in.
Not that I haven't logged in to post.
I'd just stare at the screen,
not sure what to say,
but having a whole host of things I want to share.
Lots of stuff going on...I'm sure with you too.
I wasn't sure how to dive back in.
Here goes...

If you don't mind I'll start small.
I had a different post planned
but I went shopping today for some client staging
and I found inspiration in the most unlikely of places...
Tarjay, baby.
Otherwise known as
"I went in to buy toothpaste and left $100 poorer."
You know the drill.
If I tell the hubs I'm going there
he gives this look like "oh hell no, please don't go."
But he knows better than to tell me not to do something.
Instead he rolls with it.
Just like the time he questioned me
about painting the laundry room cabinets green.
 I told him he could paint them any color he wanted.
When he started doing all the laundry himself.
So I'm rolling in Target today grabbing some fun knick knacks
and lo and behold
these caught my eye...

Believe me, I'm trying.
I'm working hard at my goals every day.

Gotta love the spunkiness of Mae West...

Retweet ;)

This reminds me of my dad...

This is usually how our phone calls go...
 "hey Dad! How's it going?"

"everything is going good."

Everything ok? really? you need anything?

"Nope. Every day is a great day."

No matter what.
That's his attitude.
He knows that every day God gives him is a gift.
We all need to know that.

Which leads me to this...

Y'all know our family grieved two deaths last year.
That grief, the things we went through last spring,
were the catalysts that truly sparked a reaction in my life,
one of just saying screw fear, screw not knowing, screw comparison,
screw {insert the issue of your choice here}.
Those things steal life.
They steal joy.
They steal achievement and goals and triumphs.
Little and big.
Its not to say I don't think of the what ifs and the how can I's?
But honestly I'm more afraid of not trying in life.
Then: What if I fail?
Now: Honey, what if I succeed?

This is everything...

I do this daily...

This is something I want to do more of...

Exactly what I was thinking...

What everyone needs to do:


All work and no play make for a dull person though
so work hard but play hard too and...

and if you mess up in life that's ok.
Here's a hint about how I relieve stress sometimes...

Enough playing around.
I have not one Christmas decoration up,
not one gift purchased.
I should have bought this bag while I was there...

No, not the "let's get blitzened" although that does sound swell at this point.
No, I meant the "now is a good time to lower your expectations."
While I love me some Tarjay, it looks like it might be an amazon kind of Christmas.
#this could get ugly $$$


  1. I LOVE Tarjay!!! Who knew it had so many deep messages? Have a great weekend. BTW.. Plateandplaid had a great deal on a double happiness vase last night on Instagram. Do you follow her? She's got great deals.

  2. We have missed you Nancy! Your honesty and humor always brighten my day! Don't stay away so long next time!

  3. Always look forward to your posts!! Love all of these!

  4. Tarjay is the best. So many things I never knew I needed until they found their way into my shopping cart! I love the "Be happy. Be bright. Be you." sentiment. And the gift bag - telling like it is! Have a great weekend!


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